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  1. Additional spoilers info about Primula: Misc info: 1. Spiral and Shuffle Eps 2 are both take place in Kongo Town. 2. Verbena Academy magically relocated to Kongo Town 20 years before Episode 2. 3. Kohaku and Kirara are possibly the reincarnations of Asa and Kaede, respectively.
  2. and about Asa and Kaede, did they moved on and had their own family? I only know them based on Primula's story, both taught her how to make delish cheesecakes (Fuyou-style and Shigure-style) and had something to do with the drama club.
  3. Well, many negative reviews about the game but Primula's character is still great though, probably due to her writing already well-established in the past. Primula is so smart and mischievous right now who loves keeping secrets, and she is likely the most powerful individual in the story politically, and surely the strongest magic-user since forever. I just hope she will get her own route in a DLC or something. She's the only reason I play Shuffle after all lol. and yes Primula is an immortaloli according to Aoi Nishimata, I added some of the major plots of hers in https://sh
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