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  1. Soukoku no Arterial files help

    Unfortunately I don't.
  2. Soukoku no Arterial files help

    https://www.mediafire.com/folder/h8df8tn9pidpd/ download arterial-dia-v207.zip and put them in the game folder. Then download Eushully-editor and visual studio(so you can use eushully editor). Open eushully editor and run it (Debug -> Start Debugging) a small window will pop out. Right click it and select open then open the files from the dia folder (SC0000.bin SC0010.bin ...etc) and translate. You should instal the game 2 times, one with the original dialogue and one with the google translated files to make translation easier. You can do this method with the other games which have a dialogue.zip (dia). (ladea/madou koukaku/battle goddess verita)
  3. I was able to extract the scene files and images to translate using crass- . But I don't have a way of repacking them back in .eme file format. The game is unable to find the translated .txt files if they are outside of the .eme .Is there any tool that allows me to repack them back or modify the text files within the .eme? Here are the data files: https://mega.nz/file/XpwSjIQb#EK-Grjoa_De0siyFln-_PTLUIxPyh4CqC7Gi3qkPywM , GARbro-v1.5.44.2904 also works in extracting the files. If someone finds a way for me to translate this, you have my respect. Here is the entire game: https://mega.nz/file/TkwjGAxB#AaXO1JQuqVo3Kv3eB2JBFyhwsJQD2lQHX9GRsUPV0dA