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  1. Dont worry i found a fix you have to use the Locale Emulator with japanese, then it works again!
  2. I tried to rename the main folder to PrincessLover like the exe file is called, but it cant find the files still. So im abit afraid if there is some other issues and my anti virus program is disabled.
  3. Good day everyone Are you running your computer with Japan system locale?: Yes Game Name: プリンセスラバー!or Princess Lover! Your Operating System: Windows 10 Is your Operating System 64 or 32 bit? 64 bit Description of Problem: The problem is everytime i start up i get this message: [ERROR]:未定義のオブジェクト:0_CharaActionImage,0 [スレッド名]:GameThread [ファイル上の位置]: (行) [現在の詳細な位置]:ライブラリ\avgシステム\main.s @@!charainitcell(2246行,57桁) [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,0 [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,1 [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,2 [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,3 [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,4 [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,5 [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,6 [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,7 [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,8 [ERROR]:Objectの解放に失敗しました:0_CharaActionImage,9 I have no clue how to fix it. Since i tried a lot of things like reinstall the game, running as Admin etc. But i dont know why i always get this message. Hope someone can help me through it since its one of my favorite animes and i would love to play the VN