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  1. I'm sorry, but it's a vnr problem. There is no solution. Vnr is dead
  2. Correction. It is a wonderful program, it works with everything and it is very light. Thank you very much I'm just sorry that I can't play in full screen
  3. Already tried, I'll have to keep it with vpn, sigh
  4. I managed to make Atlas work, but unfortunately it only translates into English, I don't know English ....
  5. I have been using vnr for a year, but for two days it has translated the game for the first 5 minutes then the subtitles no longer appear. Then after an hour it returns to normal and works for another 5 minutes. I solved it with a vpn, but unfortunately it is slow. Can you give me some advice?, Or maybe explain to me how to do the translations offline, since I now use google traslate.
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