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  1. Let me first say that i'm super appreciative of your work on translating the game. i loved Kamidori and if this is anything like it that will be sweet! 

    I have a question though, i feel like there must be a way to change the resolution somehow but i just can't find it. and goggle wont help :/ when i go fullscreen everything looks very pixely (Font included) which is strange because i know the artwork for these games are amazing

    Think Kamidori had different resolutions to pick from but i might be remembering it wrong.

    I tried editing the config file in appdata but no difference.


    Edit: deleted config file and it started in fullscreen on higher res. dunno why x) but problem solved

    1. flamepaladin


      Sorry for the late reply.

      I don't think there was ever a way to change resolution in Eushully's games, though I might have missed some games.
      Either way, I don't think it's a good idea to delete any file XD. Here's how to change the engine's settings:
      - First, forcefully kill the game (through 'End Task' in Task Manager or any other way).
      - When you start the game again, there'll be a pop up like this. 'No' will start the game normally, while 'Yes' will open the engine's settings.

      The only problem is, it's in Japanese XD. And well, we probably won't be translating that... It's too troublesome zzz
      You can try messing around with it, or if you know anyone who speak Japanese, you can ask them for help.

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