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  1. You're right. Unfortunately they never finished the project, although they were really close to it. Thanks, it should be fun
  2. You're right on both accounts (the writing and the lore). I never said it was easy. I'm still doing this, I just wanted to see if others would be interested too. I'm nothing if not ambitious.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm currently working on translating Rejet's Ken ga Kimi title. It is a VERY tentative project at this point however. I successfully managed to extract and import scripts due to help I received, so no technical issues there. What is needed are translators, as it's a really long game, with a ton of scripts. So if there's anyone who would be interested joining me, please let me know. This is a fantasy-historical game, so fair warning: there's a lot of archaic expressions/speak patterns/historical words (I guarantee you'd be spending a lot of time on Wiki). I'd say aroun
  4. I registered to say thank you so much!!! This was exactly what I needed. ^^
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