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    SieghartXx reacted to Okami in All translated VNs years chart 2015   
    While there is no certain way of measuring fan-base I think that VNs and Anime fan-base did increase quite a lot in last few years, also taking into consideration drop of western  gaming quality and quantity in recent years this seems as exactly the right time to introduce something new and increase of translated JRPGs on PC and their successes on steam seem to be proving that. Also Otakuism tends to have a most extreme and loyal fan-base with  makes it highly sustainable.
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    SieghartXx reacted to Okami in Okami Is Back   
    Hi all.
    I have returned to Fuwa after a year of absence so I thought about saying hi. I see a lot of changes have been made while I was away. In past year I had thought couple of times of coming back but wasn't sure about it, and then I stumbled across this Video "All we have on Fuwanovel" or something like that this morning and that was what made me decide to come back. I left fuwanovel because of difference of opinion in witch a VNs fan-base and Fuwa was moving at a moment and back then I thought I will never come back, for some time I searched for other otaku oriented forums but I didn't find anything where I could hang around as most ware eater highly toxic communities or full of otaku newbies who go "Naruto is the best anime ever". After that I had just give up and quietly enjoyed otaku life without being part of any online  or offline community. From time to time when searching for info on VNs I would stable across Fuwa posts and every time I would remember that despite my differences with a more numbered fan-base of VNs Fuwa was and is up till today my best online community experience  I had. Noting significant really changed much for me in time I was away, other then that I am into Shoujo-AI more then ever, that my tolerance for lewd things in otaku community had drooped more then ever and that a year or so with practically no real discussions online or offline made me into even more of an eccentric then i was.Oh and yea my Japanese skills have incensed a lot, enough to watch some raw anime that don't use difficult Japanese without missing anything, true my reading skills are still very low. I still don't know if I come back to stay or if I am just visiting true I doubt I will be as active as I was back in a day. 
    Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!
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    SieghartXx reacted to rapid motion in Random Manga Screenshot Thread   
    My research tells me: Pumpkin Scissors (only 90% sure :3)

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    SieghartXx reacted to storyteller in Random Manga Screenshot Thread   
    Pumpkin Scissors.
    Randel one-ups himself every time he fights. It is NOT a good thing.
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    SieghartXx reacted to RinXD in Steam Summer Sale!   

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    SieghartXx reacted to Nashetania in Steam Summer Sale!   
    Still my favorite:

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    SieghartXx reacted to Mugi in Fallout 4 Announced   
    Clench your buttcheeks, boys. Let the radiation intensify. 

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    SieghartXx reacted to Eclipsed in 3000   
    Eyy looks like i reached 3000 posts! ill probably write a blog later when i get home detailing my journey from 2000 to 3000 posts or more specifically, my journey from a regular member to board moderator and all the shenanigans that happened behind the scenes
    Random Trivia
    Batman's 3000 posts;
    total time: 12 Nov 12 ~ 26 April 15 (29 months) Ceris's 3000 posts:
    total time: 19 Jan 14 ~ 19 April 15 (15 months) Eclipsed's 3000 posts:
    total time: 15 Sept 14 ~ 28 May 15 (7 months) <- fking pleb spammer man Flutterz's 3000 posts
    total time: 10 Oct 13 ~ 19 April 15 (18 months) Marie-hime's 3000 posts
    total time: 02 May 2013 to 14 March 2015. Too lazy to count the months. 
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    SieghartXx reacted to RinXD in Fuwa pls - Tags?   
    I think anytime someone mentions your name you should get a notification so you can view what was said
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    SieghartXx reacted to Nosebleed in Fuwa pls - Tags?   
    They have been gone for months actually.
    It's because of the feature to use tags as prefixes.
    Or else this could happen, you wouldn't want this to happen

    Ideally a list of available tags would be made, just like there is for Ongoing Projects, so users can pick from those and use the main one as a prefix.
    I'm not sure how this would be possible, tags are only used to find threads in the forum, they can't do anything else.
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    SieghartXx reacted to Eclipsed in How do you get through an anime you're not interested in?   
    Mmm not worth.

    Throw in the towel.

    Rage quit.

    Srsly, if you ain't enjoying it, why force yourself to go through it.
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    SieghartXx reacted to solidbatman in Alright, which one of you is doing this?   
    Fess up now. Unacceptable

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    SieghartXx reacted to Kenshin_sama in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    New update?
    *Checks out website.
    No subscription now!?

    Holy shit, I'm picking this back up as soon as I finish Majikoi. Thanks for mentioning that. The other updates look really cool too. I'm glad they have a better spam system in place, those bots are relentless...
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    SieghartXx reacted to Deep Blue in Which Clannad version should I play?   
    voiced by all means I can't even imagine clannad without sunohara's or nagisa's voices or pops(akio) saying that sanae's bread is the best one screaming and running like crazy xD
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    SieghartXx got a reaction from Kurisu-Chan in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    I see, thank you guys. I was kind of reluctant to play it, as I'm not that attracted to play as a female character for the entire game, but if you can play as other characters I might give it a try. Seeing the new FF's summon got me fired up
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    SieghartXx reacted to Stray Cat in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    From what I played of the original 13, no.  The party keeps being divided, re-formed, etc. 
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    SieghartXx reacted to Kurisu-Chan in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    You pretty much play a bunch of characters in FF 13.
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    SieghartXx reacted to BookwormOtaku in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    And in XIII-2 you mainly play as her sister
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    SieghartXx reacted to Mevvrynne in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    I stopped playing competitively or seriously in Dota 2, so now my friends and I just do stupid crap like 5v5 All mid Meepo
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    SieghartXx reacted to SilverLi in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    Good luck. Don't take the toxic community too seriously. A lot of trolls and everyone will flame you probably. But if you are lucky you can get some good teammates which tries to help you improve. But they are rare sadly.
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    SieghartXx reacted to Flutterz in Avatar Replacement Script   
    Are you sick and tired of people changing their avatars to something completely unrecognizable for no reason whatsoever? Then you're in luck, because this script will let you decide what avatars you want people to have!
    Here's an example that is completely unrelated to the reason why I decided to make this incredibly simple script:

    And here's how it's done:
    Step 1.
    Install a userscript extension in your browser. If you're using Chrome you want Tampermonkey, if you're using Firefox you need Greasemonkey (I think, I don't use FF).
    Step 2.
    Create a new userscript and change it to the script from this pastebin: 
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    SieghartXx reacted to melo4496 in Comedy, Comedy, Comedy!   
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    SieghartXx reacted to Ouraibaa Hjyuraa in Majikoi Translation Project   
    Project completed and patch released!
    Any questions/comments regarding the project and/or patch/translation bugs/problems reports, go here.
    Translation project for Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!( or "Majikoi," for short.)
    By Maji Translations

    Team members/People involved in the process:
    Dowolf - Translator
    Ouraibaa Hjyuraa - Quality Checker, PR guy, and project BOSS leader.
    Helvetica Standard - Image Editor


    Former members:
    Kosuna Maru - Original translator.
    Azengar - Original Programmer 
    The dead Yandere Translations have already translated Common route, Yukie route, Yukie After Story, Kazuko route, Kazuko After story, Momoyo route, Momoyo After Story, Chris route, Chris After Story, Teacher side route, all the menus, end skits, as well as some of the Miyako route and the Kazama side-route. All of Yandere's work (Except crack) has been included in the patch.

    Agave route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Miyako route: 100%, 100% QC. Released.
    Miyako After Story: 100%, 100% QC. Released.
    Kazama side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Chika side-rotue: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Mayo side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Moro side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Gakuto side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released
    Optional uncensor patch: 100%. Released.
    Uncensor samples (Warning: NSFW):

    (Uncensor quality will vary. Remember, this is fan made. Don't expect premium quality.)

    Patch is completely compatible with both Yandere's version of the game, and base version of the game.

    Link to old thread/Random Talk. (Useful now only as a random chatter thread)
    Walkthrough link (Only for Yandere's work. I'm writing this as I'm about the release the patch, so there obviously isn't any walkthroughs for the non-Yandere routes yet.)
    Download links and instructions
    Buy the game: 
    Note: Fuwanovel doesn't allow us to post a download link for an illegal version of the game. You'll either have to find a pirated version by yourself, or buy it.
    Note 2: Fuwanovel doesn't allow torrents anymore, so you'll have to make do with file-sharing websites. At least from us. Someone else might make a torrent and upload that somewhere like Kickass or Nyaa.
    Patch links (Choose whichever link you prefer):
    1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/44p5yy5x50ng5za/Majikoi_English_Patch.exe
    2. https://mega.co.nz/#!3Ys1UJBa!ZPt1fibDq45jO_g7xxVt3KRRxa-cvyrdZANelOF3jN8
    3. http://www.4shared.com/file/POweZxSRba/Majikoi_English_Patch.html
    4. http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/NK6yGLUM/file.html
    Install Instructions:
    1. Open the "Majikoi English Patch." (Preferably as administrator.)
    2. Click "next." (Duh.)
    3. If you don't have Majikoi installed in the default directory, or don't have Japanese locale, navigate to the game location with the "Browse" button. Choose whatever folder has the まじこい.exe. If you don't have it, then re-install the game. Note: Sometimes, because of Windows pathfinder being stupid, even if you have it installed in the default directory and the locale is set to Japanese, the "next" button will still be gray. If that happens, just click "Browse," and then "open folder" without choosing anything. That should fix it. If not, just navigate to where the game is installed.
    4. Choose what to install. The English Patch contains all of Yandere's work (minus crack), and, of course, our own translations. "Uncensored Images" will replace all the adult images that contain censorship with fan-made uncensored versions, courtesy of Helvetica Standard. These can vary in quality.
    5. Click "install." Wait for it to install.
    6. Click "Finish."
    Aaaaand you're done. Congratulations, you now have a completely English translated version of Majikoi!
    In order to make a non-legit copy of the game work, a cracked .exe is needed. Fuwanovel doesn't allow cracks because of legal issues, however. If you want to play the game with a pirated version, you'll have to find a crack for the game somewhere else. For anyone with a Yandere-patched version of the game, this is not important, as yours is already cracked and our patch doesn't overwrite the crack. For anyone else, try finding Yandere's version on torrent sites, or wait for an independent crack to be posted on websites such as Erogedownload.
    Un-install instructions (Useful if you don't like the uncensored images):
    1. Open "Majikoi English Patch Uninstall" in the folder you installed the patch to, aka your Majikoi folder.
    2. Click "next." (Duh.)
    3. Choose what content to install.
    4. Click "uninstall."
    Done. Please note that the uninstaller simply restores the game to the state it was in before you patched it. So if you had Yandere's version before, and you installed both the English Patch and the uncensored images, and then uninstall them both, the game would revert back to just being Yandere's version.
    Majikoi S
                                                                                                 We are are now working on Majikoi S. Go here for further details.
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    SieghartXx reacted to EldritchCherub in Show off your Writing!   
    Don't be so quick to throw in the towel. This is a place where everyone should feel welcome to share their projects no matter what level they are currently at. It would be boring if everyone's writing was the same or everyone turned in stuff without any flaws. The whole point of the critique is help writers recognize where they're at and push them beyond their limits. As long as everyone puts in effort into their writing and rewrites then I see no reason why you should stop doing something you enjoy.