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    Anime, manga, visual novels, graphic design, Japan, and a long etc.
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About Me

Just a random dude who loves Japan thingies. I'm always looking for more friends (even more if they like visual novels, as I don't have many people to talk with about them), and I'm always glad to chat about anything else! I like playing rpg's (mmo too) and stuff like that too.

I has a DeviantArt too, where I upload most of my Photoshop stuff, so take a look if you feel like it~


Thought of writing about what genres I like and stuff, for anyone bored enough to pay attention to it c:

Genres I like: Romance, fantasy, Sci-Fi, martial arts, adventure, supernatural, action, comedy.

Genres I don't like: Gore, psychological, tragedy, ecchi, slice of life, drama, gender bender, horror, mecha, otome. *

* > There are exceptions, like Psycho Pass for example (which is psychological, yet I really liked it; or ecchi anime that don't go overboard with the fanservice).



General things I like in anime/manga/etc: Overpowered protagonist (insert Sakamaki Izayoi here, alongside others), loli characters, omnibus format, pure love, good endings, concrete pairing at the end, swords (yeah!).

General things I don't like in anime/manga/etc: Change of main character (I see you there, Ef), open endings, drama overload, rape, arrogant characters, netorare, prostitution, deaths, no plot (and no, I'm not referring to fanservice, but actual storyline), wimpy characters (a thousand times more dislikeable if they're the protagonists), indecisive characters, playboy characters (applies to girls too), annoying rivals (even more if they come from nowhere, they're more than one, etc...), ponies.

I'm pretty vanilla-minded.


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