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  1. it is this i thinks https://vndb.org/v2016 i still cant get past the menu! someone halp!! which button do u press on the menu to get the game to start cause i pressed em all and none worked
  2. they call it a hentai game cause it is a hentai game
  3. i think this game was not translated because it was called murasama it wouldve sold better if it was called masamune and had frog so i fix their mistake
  4. yes i meant that, i forget the name i think i will still localize it as masamune as it is far better than muramasa. also i need someone to photoshop in sephiroth in place of the main character i need help btw, i cant get past the menu of this game!! maybe i should not have downloaded this off some shady hentai site
  5. i can translate the text myself i just need someone to put it in the game
  6. its the same four girls in every game actually if your honest its just one girl copy pasted four times and then given a different wig and contacts, also some cotton added/reduced from her bra
  7. dats okay dawg thank u for ur greetings
  8. thanks think i am try eden star i have heard about that last one u mention, it has some weird incest shit school days is for comedy i think not horror lol
  9. y are they not translated, cause nobody wants to see this stuff? anything similar that is translated
  10. i played the first one i long time ago i think, didnt know there were others how did they die again? i forget was it by driving a car into the ocean cause thats what i remember
  11. there be plenty of rape in these? i have read kana, she dies of kidney cancer or something. was fun
  12. aww dat so sweet bless ur cripple loving heart
  13. i am lookin for some dark novels like i heard about this 1 that has a guy slowly dying of cancer but its not translated or somethin i love dat shit, i would like to see some visual novels with that stuff
  14. hi awww sheeeiit! i misread the forum name, i thought this was a forum for dickgirl porn oh well
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