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  1. Wich promises are you talking abaout? i was following DI kickstarter on that moment and got no trouble with the translation at all. You mean Pantheon?
  2. Lets think that Light could start a crownfounding to finance the translation like they did with Dies Irae on Steam
  3. We are taking the literal words of Light Staff "if there are many requests". Lets make make them getting attention.
  4. Original: https://twitter.com/light_staff_tw/status/1353504981836414976 Recently Light was answering some questions. as fast as they said, community started moving, Light requested "petitions" if someone wanna help, sing the petition. It even reached the haspanic sphere https://twitter.com/MoonCellScholar/status/1353644836679725056?s=19 PETITION HERE: http://chng.it/zm6mNVB7Wz
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