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  1. @MDruidd If you are interested :         [Original post]



    Ever17 Verified

    bg.dat : Background images and CG events

    Will extract .cps files. You can turn them into png or bmp thanks to AnimED's Image tool

    bgm.dat : background music
    Will extract .waf files. You can turn them into .wav thanks to AnimED's Audio tool
    Use batch conversion and chose the file in which the .waf files are.

    chara.dat : sprites

    resume.dat : ???

    saver.dat : screen savers (.scr files)

    script.dat : .scr script files. NOT SCREEN SAVERS
    Use the E17 SCR Tool if you want to mess with it. It's fairly easy to use.


    Make separate directory for each .scr file (not required, but strongly recommended)

    Open .scr file via E17 SCR tool and press "Export chunks" button. Repeat for each .scr file

    You'll get bunch of xxxx.scr_chunk_xxx files, which are now can be easely edited via HEX editor. The 0x01 opcode is used for word wrapping.

    After saving results of your work, open .scr file which lies along with chunks and (if "Automatically import on loading" option is enabled) you'll get xxxx.scr_compiled with freshly edited strings (if autoimport is not enabled, just hit "Import chunks").

    "Save copy into directory" does exactly that - when compilation is finished, it copies xxxx.scr_compiled into entered path and renames file into xxxx.scr. Once you'll recompile all edited scripts, you can combine them into new script.dat.

    "Compile from list" is a batch compilation mode, which requires two conditions:
    a) All scr files must be placed into their own subdirectories. For example: op00\op00.scr, sa01\sa01.scr, etc.
    B) The list must contain directory names ONLY, which names must match with corresponding .scr files.

    Thanks a lot dsp2003 once more


  2. 1 hour ago, MDruidd said:

    thats glad, im happy if you share for me too hehe.
    yes the hack type can make that to txt file because you can fully editing the script.

    how about find extract toole other GAR, or maybe need something to use that tool to extract a file?

    If you want to do like me download a HEX editor (I used HxD) open the file ("script.dat" for example or "script.arc" or unpack them with a tool / extract the dialog files with garbro if the main script file is encrypted) with the HEX editor and scroll until you find the dialogs and then you can edit them!


    Example : [Screenshot]

  3. 1 hour ago, MDruidd said:

    some ppl here have knowgle about it, but maybe just not appear. There so much way to learn that, but normally doing  self-taught and research so deep.
    but try the post from fuwa here, reading some ppl post and maybe PM them, or maybe you can asking them to do it together.

    I must thank you, I did enormous progress with your help, to be honest at the moment I'm writing this I did not read the whole fuwa post you send me but I remembered some ppl do hex editing so I donwloaded one, made a backup of the script file and edited it and voila! I did changed a dialog! I have a screenshot for you with an edited text (In this screenshot I just edited a menu text by editing the .exe of the game, my in-game screenshot is lost idk why..)



    But I still have problems :

    If I have only the HEX solution :

    -Editing text using hex editor is hard for me since if my translated string is too long comparing the english string idk how I can do it.

    -My language has accents that glitch the game


    Else, if possible, I want to just unpack the file and edit them as txt files and then repack them!

    EDIT : I can explore "script.dat" and extract the files with GARbro, but idk why even as an admin of my PC I can't re-insert the files into the "script.dat" main file.

  4. 3 hours ago, MDruidd said:

    i dont know such as the tool for to do it, but some ppl says as hacking on the engine of the game, so you need to understand how and maybe someone already did it.

    Thanks, I did research before to see if public programs did exist that could do it for me but I foudn nothing. About hacking the engine I don't know how to do it so is there a place where I can learn how to do it?




    I want to translate VNs in my language since quite a while now but everytime I want to I fail, I'll be detailing my process to search tools and then the VNs I want to TL so you can help me find where I am wrong.

    I proceed like this :

    I do researches, download programs on github, unpack the script file(s) and then the files I extracted / unpack are also encrypted.

    OR even sometimes there is a fan-translation that was made but no public program to unpack to translate in another language. The translators of the fan-translation provide no contact (or don't reply) so I can't ask them to help me.

    I'm gonna be very specific because I tried this process many times with only 3 VNs.

    -The first one I tried to translate is Steins;Gate, very popular VN I saw first a demo of a translator I contacted to ask him why he didn't finished it.. he didn't had the time to do it but he didn't remember how to unpack the files so he gave me the .TXTs but it's useless if I can't reinsert them into the game. After that I searched and found 4-5 programs to unpack the files. The first program is the extractor-insertor which is not available in .exe so I tried another which had an .exe and it worked well.

    The unpacker showed the unpakced files which were with the extension .SCX and were encrypted so I gave up after many other researches with no result about those files.

    -The second was Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort, it's not a very popular game but it's running on ADV HD I think and has .arc files which I unpacked but there wasn't the dialogs and texts in the script.arc or chip*.arc files.
    I downloaded an english patch for the game and saw the only files that were different from the original japanese one were rio.arc and sysgraphic.arc for the ui of course. Again I try to unpack them but the program don't recognize rio.arc.

    - The third and last is School Days, I DL a spanish patch to help me find were the script are, by deduction like I did with Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort and found them but I searched tools to unpack .GPK files but  I didn't find any relevant results.

    Do you have tips for me to find tools or to fix this problem by myself?


    EDIT 1 : I'm DL right now (31/03/2020) tons of tool for Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort since I found the search button of this goldmine of information which is this forum.

    EDIT 2 : I achived to extract the dialogs and texts of Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort with this :

    On 09/04/2018 at 8:12 AM, WaffleGod53 said:

    I found a program to decrypt .ws2 files from Rio.arc. I tested it with A sky full of stars (Both English and Japanese versions) and got the decrypted text files.

    Here is a link to the software (I did not make this)


    To use this software copy the Rio.arc file into the folder with the application and drag it over gettext.bat

    Now all I need is to find a way to get ahdprc to work to reinsert them after the TL.

    If someone know how ahdprc work, a step-by-step tutorial for it wouldn't be too much.

    EDIT 3 : I found more informations about the autor of the School days spanish patch.

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