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  1. Right now, I'm reading G-senjou no Maou and honestly, I remembered that I personally don't know how to feel about comedy relief scenes. I can't turn off my brain and enjoy good ol' slice of life after the serious plot made me interested and I can't feel serious about it when even the dialogue sometimes makes me crack up a bit. They just give a swirl of confusing feelings in me, especially when there's an underlying conflict between the characters that doesn't get brought up. With some other VNs, I didn't have this, but this VN do makes me feel like that.
  2. Aren't moege eroges mostly liked, because you can fuck the embodiment of cute girls? On a serious note, I think moeges are simply more likeable, because the characters have more time to grow on the reader and anime clich├ęs are usually avoided or resolved in a more satisfying/actually funny way (not that there can't be any). And those who are interested in slice of life aswell are more fulfilled than with an anime that rushes slice of life scenes to fill the timelength.
  3. With that logic, true. I always felt that non-episodic VNs do take quite a risk by having every budget go into it.
  4. I thought VNs were far cheaper and easier to make than normal 3D games (that is, if they don't have complex gameplay elements).
  5. Reading requires effort, getting it requires effort, etc. and in the end, there's also that feeling that you don't know whether it will be worth reading for you or not. The big time investment in them do make me reconsider what to read.
  6. Even pointing out the more normal ones is good for me as I know if someone liked them, I can expect some quality from them. Thanks. Though with Wagahigh, I found the plot and the characters a bit too generic (aside from Ashe), so I don't think I'm gonna really continue, I was satisfied with Ashe's route alone, I did find many other elements boring though. Making Lovers and Fureraba are still something I'm debating about playing, because I personally don't feel comfortable with self-insert protagonists (and from what I heard, they have exactly that). Even during Wagahigh and To
  7. Some of these have supernatural elements though. I'm interested in slice of life VNs that don't really have a bizarre plot.
  8. Meh, to this, I'd rather say that it all depends on just how much supernatural stuff are focused on. Also, still not sure about reading a yuri VN, though I will plan reading it (which is why it's in my wishlist).
  9. I have been pretty lacklustery with reading VNs nowadays, but I'm slowly gaining back my interest. I plan on completing Higurashi Question Arcs (or atleast Watanagashi-hen, it's hard to hold my interest, because I have seen the Deen anime already) and Kemono Musume no Sodataketa, but after that, I haven't fully decided on what I read. But when I was watching slice of life scenes, I got interested in a normal slice of life VN. Basically, what I'm talking about is a slice of life VN with no supernatural stuff or strange situations or overpowered ninja girls. I'm basically interested in a slice o
  10. Fate/Stay Night English Download in Google, click on the nblog link and voila, you have a perfect copy of Fate/Stay Night with some fixes written down aswell to make it work on your foreigner computer. Though, I do recommend searching for the Ultimate Edition patch aswell, because it adds quite alot of nice features (however, be prepared that it can be unstable a bit).
  11. Well, if you can still be interested in it, feel free to read it, it's much better than the anime mainly, because the anime couldn't adapt Shirou's inner dialogues, the Fate route and the various talks about different views. Just be ready for some boring slice of life scenes here and there, especially at the beginning, because it starts really slowly.
  12. Hopefully you can also have a great time. By the way, I see you have an Archer profile picture, did you by chance read Fate/Stay Night or watch through it? If you haven't really watched through it entirely, I really recommend it as it's an amazing novel.
  13. Sorry, I fucked up my title and excluded the localization companies. Only realized later after reading the comments. I actually meant the localization companies aswell.
  14. When I scrolled through some visual novels on VNDB that didn't have a translation yet, I always thought some of them look so generic anyway that they don't even seem to have any unique factor. I know there are plenty of untranslated visual novels that are labeled as masterpieces, but are the current translator groups good at choosing what visual novels to translate in the opinion of someone who plays both japanese and english ones?
  15. That does remind me that I should maybe reignite my interest in Sci-fi by looking for a Sci-fi VN.
  16. Appearently, some people still don't want to use that 0.001% of their brain for moeges.
  17. Not always, since some projects require you to buy the original game first. Also, yeah, if we think about it, 18+ patches don't really hurt their sales. But again, it would probably put a bad look on them if someone was to play an eroge in public while a sex scene happens, especially if it would be in something like news or something.
  18. Strange, because they're mostly known for tracking down mods and projects and putting an end to them. Though again, it could be just that they don't really know about it yet.
  19. Now you can listen to the cultured eroge moanings even in group of people. Jokes aside, all I fear is Nintendo somehow finding about this and tracking it down. You must be careful with these projects, because it probably violates their rules. Also, they must be angry if people will show obscene scenes on their platform.
  20. I must learn japanese language solely for this masterpiece.
  21. Not until japanese soyboys fear competition for a girl (or the companies being afraid that they might lose some readers with a function like that) while many relationships rely on getting a partner earlier than the others.
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