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  1. That used to be my mindset as well, and it kinda ruins the value of which route you prefer. When I pick up this VN in the near future, I'll only chose one girl based on how attached I become to them.
  2. Well, two anime come to mind. -Gosick: It uses a similar chemistry to Torodora but the main tsundere character is less harsh, and the overall story has a mystery flair to it. It's an underrated gem that is worth checking out. (https://myanimelist.net/anime/8425/Gosick) -Chivalry of a Failed Knight: While it starts out cliched as hell, it eventually deconstructs the harem aspect by having the main character and tsundere fall in love and get into an actual relationship very early on, with the rest of the story tackling themes surrounding their relationship. As far as "magic battle hare
  3. Good choice! That anime is such an underrated gem really worth watching for its engaging narrative, lore and character development.
  4. Likewise. I have a bit of experience with VNs in the past and would like to share that experience with people here.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard from some sources that the reason there are a lot of high school settings in Japanese media is because they see it as the most nostalgic part of life that they unfortunately cannot replicate once they're an adult and graduated from college/university. Is this true?
  6. Well, the market has seen a lot of those, and everyone's mileage varies. As for mine, I'm ok with high school romance just as long as it's not blatantly done for the sake of fanservice and wish fulfillment. VNs are a story-telling medium after all, so a good romance narrative is a given.
  7. There's this VN I've seen a while ago but, now, I forgot the title so I'm having difficulty remembering what it is. All I know is that it featured only three heroines, one is a robot girl of sorts that resembles the main char's dead sister. Any ideas what it is?
  8. Atelier Ryza is ok, but as someone who's had more experience with the Atelier series, it's a step down from past titles. Still, it's worth checking out if you're interested in it. It's the best-selling Atelier game in history.
  9. Hmm... While it has been a while since I played any games at all, my most recent game is Outer Wilds. It's a fun little indie game where you explore a solar system and solve puzzles while under a 22-minute time loop. I really had a blast with this one.
  10. Hello there. I'm eager to get into visual novels because I'm striving to go to Japan to become a journalist, covering all sorts of media over there. I'm also a traveling artist, hence my username. Pleased to meet you. Other miscellaneous stuff about me include a love for Touhou doujin music.
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