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  1. You can look at my list and check if something suits your tastes all of my VNs are 100% English translated and a lot falls into your category of generic cheap romances VNs like Making Lovers,Fureraba,Sankaku Renai,Nobleworks etc
  2. Funbag Fantasy 2 actually happens before Funbag Fantasy 1 but it shouldn't matter as each release has a story of its own apart from a few references actual order is Funbag Fantasy 2, FF1, FF Gaiden 1, FF Gaiden 2 but as I have said you don't have to play FF2 first becuase FF1 has its own story
  3. OK ngl Rinka's Route caught me off-guard, I atleast expected something from the tutorial but man.... Definitely gonna remember that one for a while
  4. I definitely recommend Making Lovers and Fureraba, contains a lot of wholesome romance and offers a lot of comedic scenarios, You can also try AnoHare or Farther Than the Blue Sky it has its similarities with IMHHW albeit this is one is all about making a rocket
  5. Well there's a nukige called Oppai Sensou which contains its fair share of big boobs that you want and it also has a sequel which contains moving H scenes which is definitely a plus if u ask me xD both are fully translated, happy *reading* https://vndb.org/v4857 / https://vndb.org/v10619
  6. Had a blast playing this one, pretty entertaining to say the least helped me stave-off boredom amidst my country's ECQ Gotta say that Karen's route was the best one for me considering her circumstances Wouldn't mind maybe re-reading it some time soon.
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