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    Em-A-Li My name is Em-A-Li. How about we get to know each other? I know it might be hard having a computer to tag along, but I think we need to work together to escape. You know, teamwork. Download Link https://yobob.itch.io/em-a-li Gameplay In this top down, puzzle game, you must find a way to escape the room you find yourself stuck in. interact with Em-A-Li, with full on voice acting, and find a way to escape. Be careful, along the way, you will encounter Em-A-Li's trail of murder. Find out the reason why Em-A-Li did such a thing. Features -Full on Voice Acting by Amelea Michaela Morrow (Little Missy Otome) An upcoming video game voice actress that takes the stage of Em-A-Li. Listen to her dynamic changes in voice as she captures the essence of Em-A-Li, a programmed computer designed to be a house wife, and what it means to be trapped inside a dark computer that serves only its master. -Music & Story by Kevin Le (Yobob) Listen to Yobob's outstanding scores in this semi-visual novel, horror game as you feel each scene to be overwhelmingly disturbing. Interact with Em-A-Li as Yobob's story shows you the true meaning of being an obsessive A.I. - Art by Exzanorxis A world rendered in pixel art, take on the character as Li and enjoy the horror of Exzanorxis's work as you witness the killings by Em-A-Li. https://twitter.com/Yol3ob https://www.patreon.com/yobob https://discord.gg/BFJGHd8