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  1. Is anyone interested to join my VN Discord server? https://discord.gg/g7dkD6K
  2. Yo. I recently created a new VN discord server. My server has a wide variety of channels such as: Maitetsu, Chaos;Child, Raging loop and other VNs. https://discord.gg/BThcVBQ Feel free to join
  3. I am unsure whether "General" suited for advertising or not. Anyway, I made VN & Anime Community on Discord, we generally about Katawa shoujo, Evenicle, Grisaia, Rance and occasionally Rewrite. I really would like to meet more VN gamers and establishing more healthy relationships with them. My server also has another purpose, focusing on teaching newcomers the importance of VNs especially Kamiges. If anyone is interested, I have 218 members (numbers isn't that big if you include afk ones) anyway, whether joining or not the choice is yours. I wish everyone a good day.
  4. Discord VN community named Aliceshoujo

    https://discord.gg/xxFAKeG I thought I would need the permission to post a link I would consider: Umineko no naku koro ni, Muv-luv alternative, Subahibi, Chaos;Head, Rewrite and Kara no shoujo. If I were to mix my own biased opinion add Sankaku renai love and Evenicle, I almost forgot Grisaia trilogy and fate stay night trilogy. G-Senjou no maou is also Hella fun same goes for Sharin no kuni (my girlfriend is the president is totally a Kamige who wouldn't love ohama's speech). Honestly don't get me start with the other VNs I have played, if you only judge me by my pfp that's really sad