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  1. Does anybody know what game engine ANIM TEAM.MM uses?
  2. I know I already messaged you but I'll post here too. Can you give a link to that ozmafia tool you're using?
  3. Hi! Is anyone familiar with Nomad VN games like Inraku no Miko NTR? If so how do you extract the .ybn files to text? Thanks
  4. Hi! Does anyone know how to extract ANIM games? What application do you use?
  5. Hi! So I'm trying to translate this VN (from Atelier Sakura) that's using the Majiro Engine. I converted the .mjo files to .txt files, edited them, convert them back to .mjo and put it in the game. The problem is that sometimes it crashes the game when going to the dialogues I edited or if it didn't crash, some parts of the words in the sentence are missing. I think this has something to do with the numbers on the left along with the dialogues (e.g 0378 浮気や不倫と違うのは、『夫の合意による行為である』という点だ). Does anyone here know what those numbers mean and how to solve this problem with the words missin
  6. Thanks for the help! I downloaded the first one, but I don't know how to use the arc_conv one. The second link, I don't know what to do with it. Should I read on what in the site or there's something I can download there? The rest....I don't know. Should I download a certain program/application to make those codes work? Again, I'm just looking to convert .mjo files to text files. Edit: nvm I think I got it! Again thanks!
  7. Hi! So I'm trying to translate an Atelier Sakura game that's running on an old engine that uses .arc files and .mjo files for the scripts. I know how to extract .arc files with GARbro but not with .mjo files. Anyone knows what programs to use to extract or convert .mjo files to text files?
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