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  1. Hello, I’m waiting for the full release but now i can enjoy the game in english yay
  2. Hello It's me again by some miracle idk how but the game works fine now XD Thank you everyone for trying to help me now it works and i got the english patch yay.
  3. Hello, Yes i installed the update and the append before the patch but for some reason it doesn’t work idk why
  4. Hello, Yes i saw the post but it still don't work for me maybe i did wrong the AGE.exe modded patch don't work for some reason maybe because it's not the original game i changed the local to japanese i used local emulator i downloaded all the japanese font but still don't work and i updated the game to the 1.10 but still don't work i think i'm gonna play it japanese and i have all the append (1 and 2).
  5. I install japanese font via windows 10 or i have to go on internet to install japanese font ?
  6. Hello, Yes i updated the game and i have all the append but the error still show up : "ARCGameEngine stopped working" even with the AGE.exe patch there is same error [Window Title] ARCGameEngine [Main Instruction] ARCGameEngine stopped working [Close the program] here is the screen : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tqEn0kZz4ZQdCsdGjmXhQPtoKLQk8_jaRWMblqAn5MU/edit?usp=sharing It's in french sorry
  7. Hello i have encountered a problem when i extract the patch to the game file and i launch the game i got a AGE.exe error so i downloaded a AGE patch fix but it doesn’t work i still got the error but i don’t use the patch file the game work good i don’t know why. ps : sorry for the bad english i’m french