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  1. Well, weak at what? Lore? Gameplay? In Lore, I find her games extremely simple, not bad, but simple. Kamidori was already weak. I think they always follow the same formula, they don't try to take chances and create something truly exciting and with heavy consequences. Then there is a slight "Generic" feeling. In Gameplay, of all the Novels with Gameplay I played, Eushully's games were the best. I completed Evenicle and couldn't care less about the gameplay of that. The visuals of Eushully's Novels are beautiful. I'm loving Kami no Rhapsody, it is truly an RPG, He gives you all the freedom as you will customize your units and is even more fun on hard. As far as I know her games are always in the Top of Vns in Japan. But Eushully writers must take more risks, get out of the comfort box. And I didn't like the character design of the new game, I'm really disappointed.
  2. The translation is great. And if you decide to do a translation of another Eushully game in the future I recommend Fuukan on Grasesta. I love the design of this game = x
  3. Does anyone know where the save folder is?
  4. Oh, okay, So I have none. Thanks About the error, I installed the patch but it was no use. I uninstalled the game and got the patch from somewhere else and apparently it worked. So everything is perfect for now, I will run after the Append.
  5. And this error keeps popping up even with Update https://ibb.co/3hDxNC0 If I hit yes, the game continues for 1 minute, but the message keeps popping up.
  6. Does anyone know how I know if I have append installed?
  7. We played it for different reasons then. Kamidori's ideas, with the political conflicts, race relations in this fantasy world between angels and demons are cool, the whole concept pleases me. But everything is easily resolved without major difficulties or tension. I always liked Kamidori's scenario, but I never found the story deep enough, like a Fate series or Tsukihime. Just ok, it's average. The characters are ok for me too. What really caught my eye about Kamidori really was the look that is very beautiful, and as an RPG lover, the gameplay appeals to me, and it's not just an annoying gimmick like other visual novels, it really takes itself seriously, having to maximize the gameplay, some missions are unexpectedly quite difficult, especially those of 99+ lvl. By the way, doesn't Eushully announce a game a year? Shouldn't there be one more this year? = /
  8. I don't know why you expect so much from the lore of other Eushully games. I mean ..... most people just played Kamidori because it's just what's available in English, and the story was pretty much whatever. Not bad enough to kill the experience, but the lore of Eushully games has always been pretty basic, especially Kamidori. Other Visual Novels do a thousand times better on Lore. I for example like Eushully's games better for Eroge (Visual) and Gameplay, which is what matters.
  9. I am really excited for this translation. Eushully's only VN I ever played was Kamidori and I've become a fan. The arts are beautiful, and unlike games like rance / evenicle, they are really real games.