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  1. Draculius Aoi Tori Ojou-sama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu The Otoboku Series (Otome ga Boku ni Koishiteiru) Hyper→Highspeed→Genius RE:Birth Colony (plotge though)
  2. These three I'm only going to introduce to yall because they were the most memorable of the Web Novels/LNs that I read through in the last month. Chiyu Mahou Chiyu Mahou has the protagonist, Usato Ken, being summoned by accident along with two heroes. Usato, being a kind-hearted young man to the core, isn't particularly annoyed or angered by this (Kazuki, one of the two heroes is more bothered by it than he is), but he has the misfortune to have a talent for healing magic, meaning he falls under the jurisdiction of the country's Lifesaving Squad. Taken to the Lifesaving Squad, he is put through the wringer in a way only a healer (who can heal himself) can be, to increasingly hilarious results (from the reader's perspective) even as he is prepared to save lives on the battlefield. This particular story is mostly enjoyable for the way the protagonist's common sense gets completely turned on its head (especially regarding his magic). So, what is the mistaken use of healing magic? 1) Using magic to repair your body during and after extreme training, 2) Using healing magic to make sure the people you punch aren't hurt, 3) Using healing magic like a martial artist would use chi. To be honest, a great portion of the hilarity of this story comes from Usato himself becoming more and more of a 'muscle brain' as his solution to everything becomes 'punch it' or 'train myself'. Magan to Dangan o Tsukatte Isekai o Buchnuku This is the weakest of the three WN/LNs I picked up for this month. I say this because the concept is the most straightforward and it is one that most people will wince at. Essentially, the protagonist, Ataru, is offered a chance to reincarnate in a fantasy world full of violence, and he selects as his 'gifts' a gun that doesn't break, the ability to create various bullets, and a special eye. The best part of this story, unfortunately, is the early parts, where he is just getting used to the world and his relationship with Kyaro (a bunny-girl slave who he healed then eventually released). The worst part is how repetitive and predictable the story becomes as things continue. This is one of a number of isekai LNs where I simply couldn't find it in myself to put it down but didn't enjoy nearly as much as I would have liked. Kage no Jitsuryokusha First thing anyone should know about the protagonist of this story... he is a total and unashamed chuunibyou that works hard to make his chuunibyou into reality both on earth and in the world he gets reincarnated in. To give you an example, his source of despair on Earth was that he couldn't become strong enough to defeat a nuclear weapon, so he began trying to discover magical energy, and just when he was about to succeed, he died. His greatest desire is to be the mysterious powerful figure who lives in the shadows and appears to alter the field of battle at key points in the story. To that end, he creates an organization of girls he saves from a particular curse, Shadow Garden, unknowing that the goal he thought up out of nowhere (defeating a Diabolist organization that was working toward the resurrection of a Demon God that controls the church) is actually a real one and everyone else in the organization but him knows it. This results in some seriously hilarious situations as he believes they are creating scenarios for him to have his fun (as in his mind, there is no way they wouldn't see through him), even as his subordinates really are setting him against the organization in question.
  3. 1. The Agarest series 2. In VNs, Ikusa Megami Zero, in rpgs, Grandia 3. Ouzoku for VNs, Final Fantasy XII for jrpgs 5. Any true route with route locking, since you have to slog through crappy heroine routes to get to them and half the time, you don't get it if you don't read those crappy heroines' story. 6. Akatsuki no Goei 2, Tae and mom oyakodon ending. 7. Hard to say... but I'll go ahead and say characters (in other words, no Victim A heroines, no Mob character A protagonists) 8. Everything in Raillore? The whole game fails on every count because the story is told exclusively through dialogue and repetitive action cgs. 9. Hello, Lady is an obvious candidate for a revenge story, The entire Silverio series for underdogs against the system, Bradyon Veda for a loner protagonist 11. Nukitashi 12. No, I already do for the ones I want. 13. A matter of opinion, but I don't see the point in playing any of them. 14. Ikusa Megami 2 (hurry up, Eushully!!!) 16. Most VN translations before the year 2014 17. Dies Irae (because the anime was pure fail) 18. Higashide Yuuichirou (Manga, LNs, anime, and video games) 20. Shumon Yuu for writers, Akatsuki Works for companies 21. None. Spin-off VNs usually suck. 22. Any non-Japanese font ( jk lol) 24. Nukige that don't have pretentions to being anything else will always have a solid fanbase. 25. Light's original owners failing because they forked over too much cash to a smartphone game company to try to make Pantheon to satisfy Masada's need for self-aggrandization. 26. Propeller's last three untranslated Higashide games: Bullet Butlers, Chrono Belt, and Evolimit. 27. No, but then, the EVN market was still pretty undeveloped when I burned out. 28. No. 29. Shuffle, if you don't include the Essence+ version 30. Mecha VN mostly don't exist outside of the Baldr series and a few other gameplay VNs. I love the Baldr series and I am a long fan of Gundam.
  4. That begin with a light tone and become troubled and somber after: Sakura, Sakimashita For ones that begin with a lot of jokes but become serious and/or grim later: Akagoei Tiny Dungeon Tsuisou no Augment For ones with a serious action focus that is emphasized by the slice-of-life early on: Hello, Lady Electro-Arms Tenshi no Hane For end of the world that begins with laughter: Soranica Ele
  5. Evolimit Soranica Ele Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide Tiny Dungeon Tasogare no Sinsemilla Suisei Ginka Hello, Lady (suggest that you read the Superior Entelecheia version) Rui wa Tomo o Yobu Tsuisou no Augment Sakura, Sakimashita Akatsuki no Goei (depending on the route, the third game especially) Electro-Arms Nakige don't count...
  6. Mmm... to be honest, it depends on if you take a liking to the heroine and how the common route plays out up until the split. I do recommend that you play Yoshimi's route in all three games, if only for amusement's sake. Kani's routes are all boring, so I wouldn't bother picking her in any of the three. Other than that... Erika? Erika is probably the most unusual character on the list from my point of view.
  7. Yes, you are missing something. To be blunt, the best thing you can do if you don't want to read through the entire thing is to read the common routes for the first two games, since 3gakki is based on the idea the protag didn't choose anyone in the first two semesters.
  8. Classic tsundere, in practical terms, usually refers to a heroine who covers up their affections with a thorny attitude. The reason I say this doesn't apply here is because Saku and Tamao straight-out don't like Shinri at the beginning.
  9. Otaku corners aren't made. They naturally appear as a result of our obsessions, the miasma of our lust and desire corrupting the air and creating an area full of moe.
  10. Yeah, I'm talking about the ones on syosetu. They are just about as long as the main story and are ongoing. There are also several major story arcs in addition to a bunch of short stories, including three involving Kousuke and two involving Kouki.
  11. No, there is none of that type of tsundere in this VN. Both tsunderes (Tamao and Saku) have good reason for acting the way they do. To be honest, I dunno if it is really the best to call them tsunderes, since there is none of that bashful mixed signal BS. The web novel version of Hajime is pretty awesome, and he only gets better in the epilogue, lol.
  12. Maybe Hello, Lady then... Shinri the protagonist is an arrogant pervert normally and a ruthless avenger at heart.
  13. Since you liked Tsukihime, I assumed you would enjoy Fate, at the very least...
  14. Yondome wa Iyana Shizokusei Majutsushi Yondome is a series that would probably be traumatic to watch but is ideal for reading. I say this because the things done to the protagonist and he does to others are pretty horrifying from an objective perspective. He spends most of his first reincarnation being tortured as an experimental subject, his magical energy drawn out to make convenient tools, and his second reincarnation has him cursed and living his life surrounded by undead of his own making. However, for someone reading this story, it is surprisingly touching at times, with interesting and amusing characters. Yes, imagining a lot of the scenes is pretty guro and reminded me of Tokyo Necro. However, the story of Vandalieu has become quite dear to my heart. Most likely because of how ingenious the author's portrayal of Vandalieu's life is. It is proof positive that there are things you can get away with when writing that would only alienate people watching an anime. Sacchi Sarenai Rule Breaker Rule Breaker is your standard 'protagonist is overpowered and has an absolute advantage' series, with the twist that he has a solid girlfriend almost from the beginning. Hikaru is an unusual character type, in that he is someone who is a bit overly impressed with his own cleverness, but he is aware that this quality is a personality flaw. The story itself has Hikaru sorta-kinda reincarnating into the body of a guy who tasks him with avenging his death inside one hour by killing a local nobleman. Hikaru, in order to succeed, uses his new ability - the Soul Board - to specialize in stealth so he can get away with it. This essentially begins a story where the protagonist essentially does amazing things because he is overspecialized to an insane degree in stealth and detection. Unlike a lot of stories of this type, where the protagonist is exceedingly capable in all areas, Hikaru is definitely a min-max character for most of the story. His personality is also one that some people will have trouble with, but on the flip side, he has a lot more foresight than the average isekai protagonist and actually manages to keep his public persona in the background, something few overpowered isekai protagonists can manage. Kuro no Maou There is only one phrase that sums up Kuro no Maou... 'Yandere Harem in another world'. The protagonist of the story, Kurono Maou (lol, yes his name is a pun) begins the story as a fierce-looking but kind-hearted high schooler... until he is summoned to another world to be experimented upon by a bunch of religious fanatics to turn him into a black magic using living weapon. Counter to tradition, he manages to break free only after losing a surprising amount of his humanity. By the time he gains his freedom, he has killed other people on numerous occasions, including other summoned Japanese people. He also loses the ability to hesitate when killing is needed, which cuts off one of the more annoying character tropes that tend to follow around isekai protagonists. The author describes Kurono as a 'Yandere Seizouki' (a yandere-producing machine) because he is not only dense but somehow manages to say and do the right things to tip girls over the cliff into yandere-ism. While this is highly amusing, it also means that even the SOL toward the middle and end of the story is quite a bit more stressful than is common to fantasy and isekai. Moreover, his density is made worse by the fact that his magic mastery actually suppresses his sexual desires, meaning he mostly just fails to notice the girls are aiming for him for most of the story, despite them being rather obvious to people looking at the situation from the outside.
  15. The reason why I observed that the collapse began in 2018 was because that was the point where the absolute number of non-nukige VNs began to decrease significantly. Even before that, even as far back as 2015, there was a sharp drop in quality in the 'mainstay' genres of JVNs (Charage/moege) as well as a gradual drop in quantity. However, this is something that was only noticeable if you were consuming as many as I was at the time. Not only that, but it was at that point that a number of companies that had previously been exclusively charage/moege focused began to produce plotge (story-focused) VNs, testing the waters for reasons that are obvious in retrospect. To put it simply, there was an economic downturn in the demographic for consumers of the mainstay JVNs and JVNs in general. With less money in hand, they were less likely to spend on the figurines and other goods that tended to make up for any shortfalls in game sales, so it became more difficult just to break even when producing a standard-quality moege/charage (this also hit the other genres to a lesser extent).
  16. Tokyo Babel for action (Dies Irae and Fate both only get action-y relatively late) Even though this isn't translated: End Sleep for horror
  17. The collapse of the VN industry in Japan actually began back in 2018, but it is true that Covid has trashed the industry pretty thoroughly. The main reason why is that the consumers of VNs have less spare cash these days, thus making production of high end VNs risky. Moreover, charage/moege in particular are dying because the sheer number of fanboys necessary to keep the industry going simply aren't around. Right now, it is actually common for only one or two non-nukige to be released each month, whereas six or seven was the norm prior to 2018. This is directly proportionate to the economic downturn amongst the fanboy demographic.
  18. Just the bombings of cities during the campaign to liberate Europe are nightmarish if you think about it objectively. It's hard for someone who wasn't alive back then to really understand how horrific things were. The reason that the Germans and Japanese are the focus of such sentiments is because 1)They were the invaders, 2)Germany systematically murdered anyone who didn't fit their visible genetic archetype, 3)The Japanese created a massive number of sex slaves in the conquered territories, 4)Neither the Germans nor the Japanese ever got around to establishing even a facsimile of law and order in occupied territory despite holding some areas for years (basically, they were incompetent at anything other than invading, slaughtering civilians, and making weapons). Also, by its very nature, war brings out both the best and worst in people, forcing them to extremes. That's why no one should be surprised if they hear about their country's soldiers doing horrible things to the locals when they occupy an area or are hunting insurgents. People often find it difficult or impossible to consider those outside their affiliated group to be people in any case.
  19. Amatsutsumi (future release in English) Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no (future FTL release) Unfortunately, the rest of my suggestions are all untranslated. Natsuiro Recipe Izayoi no Fortuna Tasogare no Sinsemilla Koko Kara Natsu no Innocence Sakura, Sakimashita 1/2 Summer Toppara Tamayura Mirai
  20. That and a mix of other motives. The nationalists don't like to talk about it because it messes with their message; the average person doesn't like to think about it because of the horrible things Japan did to the conquered populaces; and the politicians keep trying to whitewash the history books.
  21. Generally speaking, WWII is a huge sore spot with the Japanese. Mostly, they try to pretend it never happened.
  22. Gensou no Idea Paradise Lost Ikusa Megami Zero (not at first, about halfway through, then the rest of the series has the protag periodically losing his memories)
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