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  1. Semiramis no Tenbin- Kamio Ami is the perfect example of the character you are looking for, a borderline sociopath who manipulates people as easily as breathing.

    Devils Devel Concept- While all the heroines in this game have a strong dark side, Amatsu Kanata fits your first profile perfectly.  She is both passionate and cold-blooded, merciless and manipulative, a student forced to learn lessons in the nature of power at an age where most would have been learning the alphabet.

    Silverio Vendetta- Chitose Oboro Amatsu is a woman of contrasts.  She is the cold-blooded leader of what amounts to be a secret police that specialize in purging internal threats as much as external ones, dealing with both spies and rebels with equal ruthlessness.  At the same time, she is a passionate woman who holds to her single love with the particular yandere-ish desire that is typical of her family.  

    Tokyo Babel- Lilith is the first temptress, Adam's first wife, and the mother of monsters.  However, in the context of this game she is the penultimate manipulator, a demon in the truest sense.

    Ojousama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu- Himehoshi Arika is an extremely manipulative young woman whose early childhood formed her into the sly paranoiac she is during the story.  The plays with others like toys, whether they are adults or those of her own age, and she doesn't hesitate to break them.  She rarely shows this side to the protagonist, Hajime, but it is apparent behind the scenes of the major events of the story.

    Fuukan no Grasesta- No one better fits the description of 'honey trap' than Ekthel Ciol, the elven beauty who entraps the men at the lowest levels of Grasesta with her beauty and seeming willingness.




  2. Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no- I recommend this one (Shino, Tonoko, Miyabi routes) because the relationships develop slowly in stages.  In particular, Tonoko's route is the one I recommend for what you desire.

    Komorebi no Nostalgica- I recommend this one because the characters are all friends at the beginning.  They've known each other and been close for years, so there is no unnaturally fast part to the relationship.

    I might think of more later, but games where most of the paths have a solid friendship stage and no fantasy elements are pretty rare...  the writers for ones with fantasy elements are generally several levels better than the ones who just write standard romance.

  3. 12 hours ago, volcanicvipah said:

    so all i remember is that its either the guy is human and the girl is a demon/magical being. or that the guys is a magical being/demon and the girl is human. the art is beautiful .

    i cant remember what platform it was released


    i havent really played it so some info might not be correct like they might be half demon or half human or something


    please can anyone help me remember this visual novel

    I hate to say it, but that doesn't really narrow it down.  Demon and half-demon heroines are pretty common in visual novels.  What color was her hair?  Her eyes?  What kind of story was it?  

  4. Did you make sure to change the installation folder to one outside of 'program files'?  If you didn't, it likely isn't saving properly because the save data folder is in the same location.  Try starting the game on admin, and if that doesn't work move the installation outside of either of the 'program files' folders (if that is the problem).  This is a problem that pops up a lot in JVNs where the default save folder is in the installation folder.

  5. 2 hours ago, Jinto said:

    Oops, my bad with the topic title, I'll try to write more specifically next time)

    From Studio Key, I've read a few routes in some of the novels so far.
    I could mention Makoto and Misuzu, but they're a bit different and their voices are "less expressive". I could also mention Haruka, but she's already distant from "old school" for my taste. This type of character is quite popular, but in the old novels, I think they were more thorough in creating such characters and the characters were more alive in general....

    I'll try to read something by Favorite.

    The two girls you listed above have deliberately designed speech patterns, incidentally.  That particular type of deliberately cute speech pattern in VAs went out of fashion back in 2006, so if you are looking for more distinctive stuff like 'uguu' and the like, you probably won't find it.

  6. 2 hours ago, mitchhamilton said:

    hey, you know what? thats fair and youre totally allowed to have the opinion.


    ...for now! :arcrage:

    Clephas opens his mouth and a wave of kilometer-thick tentacles emerge, enveloping Mitchhamilton, who mysteriously turns into a gigantic mahou shoujo before being dragged inside the open jaws.  A moment later, Clephas spits out a small tentacle, which grows into a perfect mahou shoujo clone of Mitchhamilton, who takes over the account with a dead smile*  

    The only opinion that matters is the gigantic tentacle monster's, lol

  7. Spoiler

    I tried to watch/read this one when it came out... can't say I'm enthusiastic for a localization.  I refrained from rating it at the time to avoid being 'one of those people' who plays one hour of a VN, then gives it a 2 or a 3 on a scale of one to ten, but my honest rating after playing it halfway through was maybe a 5 or 6, on my usual scale of things.  Take that with a grain of salt, given I didn't play it to the end, but I remembered the experience enough to comment on it now, so...

    I put the above in spoilers because it is somewhat negative commentary from someone who only played the game halfway through, so if you want to ignore it, I have no problems with it in this case.  

    For more positive commentary, the ero was good (better than most h-anime these days, which have become so similar to each other that you can't tell the difference between different series anymore).

  8. 1 hour ago, shirazaki said:

    Thanks for the answer! you were really brave to read Dies Irae when you were starting to read VNs in japanese because I see them like a ''final boss'' in this language, wich is pretty much reassuring to know. Anyway, I will continue to study a lot, I hope that by the end of this year I manage to get into the Masadaverse

    My first JVN in Japanese was Jingai Makyou.  I stumbled over some of the language in Dies Irae at the time, because most of my vocab was standard textbook and anime-related stuff at that point.  A lot of Dies Irae's difficulty lies in Masada's wider vocabulary and his tendency to write like a regular novel-writer (not a light novel writer).  As a result, whether it is his characters' dialogue or the narration, the language difficulty tends to be higher than you would see in most other VNs.  

  9. For me, about twenty-two to twenty-nine hours on Dies Irae, seventeen hours for a complete playthrough (all endings) of Paradise Lost.

    Edit: I'm not a good reference though.  Those times were from my most recent playthroughs in 2018 and 2015 respectively.  My first playthrough for Dies Irae took 43 hours, when I was first starting to play VNs in Japanese back around the time Acta Est Fabula version came out.

  10. Mashiro-Iro Symphony is often mentioned as being the peak of the company's moege/charage era games.  It was made during the latter-stages of the 'golden age of JVNs', in 2009 (The 'golden age' is generally seen as being from 2005 or 2006 to 2011 or 2012, depending on who you ask), and it was an example of quality in a time when VNs had only just branched out into distinctive genres and sub-genres but before the templates had been set in stone.  

    As games of the type go, it is an excellent choice for localization.  

  11. 41 minutes ago, kotorizawa724 said:

    Thanks! I looked these up (along with your previous recommendations) and I noticed that several, if not most, of these 10+ years old. Do you have a preference for older JVN, or are newer ones not considered very good?

    No, it is more that nukige that actually have something approaching a romance story stopped existing shortly afterward.  The two 'umbrella genres' only became more and more strictly split as time passed.  There weren't that many hybrids in the first place, but at some point they just started specializing.

  12. 32 minutes ago, kotorizawa724 said:

    Thanks for the quick (and detailed) response! This is great and I will look into these.

    Speaking to your first sentence, why is it that tone work's is kind of in a league of their own? I've heard others express this opinion before, and I find it baffling that no company has attempted to compete with tone work's' style? (I've also heard that tone work's is kind of in bad shape right now and has no prospective games on the horizon . . . is that true?)

    It needs to be understood that the mainstream of romance/slice-of-life as a genre (often referred to as moege/charage in the case of JVNs) are games that run around ten to twenty hours for a native reader.  To put that into perspective, Tone Works games, to complete all the paths, are expected to hit 40 to 60 hours depending on an individual's reading speed.  Because of the size of their games (which meant more cg artwork, more lines written, more development time, etc) it cost them more to make them than the rest of the industry.  In addition, mainstream readers were not necessarily interested in extensive heroine routes that run well into adulthood.  This meant fewer sales and a longer development cycle.

    Making things worse is the collapse of the JVN market that began around 2019 and was massively accelerated by Covid-19 (and the financial impact it had on the people who normally bought those games) and you have a post-Covid JVN market that has MAYBE three non-nukige VN releases per month (there are times when it is only one)... and most of those are not comparable with games before covid in most cases.

    To further put that into perspective, at the height of the JVN market, it wasn't uncommon for nine or ten non-nukige VNs to get released in a single month.  They wouldn't necessarily be good, but there was usually something worth mentioning coming out.  

    Tone Works went silent shortly after it made its final release (a repackaging of Hoshi Ori) halfway through the epidemic, and it hasn't done anything since. 

    A lot of companies suffered a similar fate during the epidemic, making final releases then going quiet, their sites vanishing or lacking any activity whatsoever as their parent companies likely made hard decisions to cut staff and projects to save money.

    Edit:  There is hope for the company itself, since its parent is still alive.  However, I wouldn't hold out much hope for the original staff as a whole, as they were probably let go or redistributed to its other subsidiaries.

  13. 34 minutes ago, kotorizawa724 said:

    I want to get into more romance VN/eroge but am very picky about art quality. I really like the art of all the tone work's games (e.g., Hatsukoi, Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, Gin'iro Haruka, etc.), and I like the scenarios for those games as well. I thought these would be a dime a dozen but I'm shocked I haven't been able to find more games like this to my liking.

    I'm currently playing Windmill Cosmos' Ichizuna Kanojo to Koi Shitai (both Kyoka and Runa versions) and I LOVE the art for these games. Exactly what I'm looking for when I say something comparable to tone work's. Unfortunately, this company has only put out these two games so far (and the art of the parent company's games is not nearly as good imo).

    I would prefer a modern Japan setting, but really anything realistic is fine. I'm not really into fantasy, action, etc. But may be willing to make an exception if the art/romance is really good.

    I also don't need the games to be translated. I read VN for Japanese study and want to play the games in the original.

    Any recommendations fitting this criteria would be appreciated!

    It needs to be said that Tone Works is pretty much the only company that has ever done romance VNs as extensive and detailed as their games.  It is the reason why they have such a solid following.

    In terms of artwork, 80% of all slice-of-life commercially-made games have that quality of artwork (it is pretty much standard for the course) post-2012.  Except for nitpicking details, there really isn't anything to choose from.

    Komorebi no Nostalgica comes to mind, for sheer emotional impact and depth of the romance.  However, it also has a philosophical aspect that some people might have trouble with, so I'll leave the choices to you.

    Haru to Yuki is also a good choice, if you don't mind it being generally somber in atmosphere.  The romance is highly emotional but if you don't want a fantasy element in the story, you should go elsewhere. (more like this is if you don't mind it, otherwise I won't barrage you with suggestions of the same type)

    Soshite Hatsukoi ga Imouto ni Naru, Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco, and Love Rec by Alcot are straight-out slice-of-life romances that draw out the emotions.  

    Natsuiro Recipe is 'comfort food' slice-of-life romance based in a Japanese country setting.

    Any game by Clochette will have good romance and humorous character interactions, with various levels of fantasy or sci-fi depending on the game.

    If you are in the mood for tragic romance in a unique future setting, Sakura, Sakimashita is an excellent choice.  It is based in a future where people discovered how to become ageless using genetic engineering, and where all humans have the right to become so.  However, due to the appearance of a planet-destroying asteroid, the previously ageless 'tokoshie' people (including the protagonist and the heroines) are forced to face the reality of their own mortality, while they seek to make the best of the time they have left.  

    Lovesick Puppies

    Izayoi Fortuna

    Hana no No ni Saku Utakata no

  14. 3 hours ago, SOLIDSNACK said:

    Wow, that sounds awesome! Unfortunately (for me) the art style is a little off (for me). Doesn't hit that barbarian style exactly, like you said. Thanks a bunch for suggesting though! Still on the hunt. I have come across a couple of RPG's but I'll not post them since they are not VN's. Guin Saga is the only adventure game I have come across that's barbarian so far, and the dang game is locked behind a text parser!

    To be frank, most of the styles currently used in VNs heavily lean toward either being excessively cartoonish or anime-style.  Neither of those is really what you are looking for.  I figured you would prefer a hulking protagonist (like Conan) but there honestly aren't many of that type in all of the VN world from what I've seen.  The main reason I recced Grasesta was because it was also a situation that would probably hit the spot with Conan fans, since the protagonist gets taken as a slave and forced to fight waves of monsters in a city where the strong rule and the weak are used up.  


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