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  1. Finished Vel route for Love Esquaire. The journey was great, and that romance was charming me with that cute little red-head brawler. I liked that dating sim a lot for the comedy value... I think you can't go wrong with it. Even though I had to replay the whole thing since one choice screwed me up and left me in Friendzone. It is really not a lot of change between endings sadly. Hentais were added only just to say it may be patched for +18 but that's it. Maybe I will do a third playthrough. The gameplay though and the girl events... damn they kept me glued into my chair. Sort of review be
  2. I've bought Ciconia since I am die hard fan of Umineko and somewhat Higurashi... but lets be real here we will have 3 more episodes if they all will be in that price... then something is srsly wrong here. Game is great so far as much as I can tell for few hours of gameplay they already throw 24 characters on me. There will be a lot of action something tells me... What else, ah yes I am surprised when I saw my country representative
  3. Someone was mentioning AI Somnium Files, I wanted to try it out but the game kept crashing on me. Which is strange since it's just an anime game, and my PC easily has minimum spec for it. I couldn't get past opening video after starting new game, so I had to go for reffund. As it turns out I wasn't the only one with video problems in this.
  4. I think it's still Giselle? *Panickly looking around* I don't leave a woman like that. Hell no! And I would wait for her through centuries, through millennium even! Btw the spoiler value about desk...
  5. Currently watching Vinland Saga (anime of the year btw) and getting back into Hero Academia S3. (great shounen despite being a little childish) Lastly I finished Poco Udon World. It was silly but such a cute anime about tanuki boy. As much as it differs from my usual tastes, it had many good aspects besides comedy involving kid and a guy in his twenties. It was also presenting nice slice of life to reflect upon, and I say that being 25 years old guy myself looking at what I could get by taking different roads, just like the main hero of this anime. Thank God I don't have kid on my head. I
  6. I am very poorly experienced in otome sub-genre but one title was quite memorable, cause of it's opening (it basicly bought me with it years ago) Amnesia: Memories It's very, very, cheap on Steam during sales also it's from Otomate. Nothing else comes to my mind. I have titles that you mentioned on my wishlist btw. Hope it helps.
  7. I would have problem picking any "incredibly" funny... Little Busters was fun, Ace Attorney trilogy made me smile a lot same as Grisaia trilogy. Nekopara is silly but that makes it adorably funny too... Hmm that most insane humour was so far in The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the Heart. They are just striking every minute with harem humour, and it's not a cheap one. Still have to finish that VN though.
  8. Yeah sadly the magazine is not as good as it was before. When many reviewers went on retirement, it started to fall apart a little. I still have like 4-5 years of their work on shelf nearby and their full versions of the games, back then they were rolling with it all. Now well everything is more digitized, but that's topic for other discussion.
  9. My first was Katawa Shoujo. I've read about it in PC gaming magazine called CD-Action (04/2012) in section talking about controversy, and it was quite different to see any anime out there back in the days. Mentioning eroge in top european magazine was like... wth. It was covered as an side stuff but it really picked up my interest. I did one route it was Emi and I was charmed, the game really crushed me. Back in the days when I had no money for games. Here is how it looked like everything is in polish, so much memories
  10. Since I follow some groups on Steam like Sekai and others, I am usually well informed about releases. You still said few other things I didn't notice so thats good. Videos like these are still in demand, keep up.
  11. Finished: Pheonix Wright Trilogy. There I could say a lot about this game but I already did some short opinion review on steam. First episode was the best one imo. That's how these series got famous. It's not surprise once you see the court action for the first time by yourself. Starting: Kara no Shojo, great start with this one so far. Story has just the right pace, characters are interesting to say at least, and most importantly this VN is not wasting time. There is enough information in the text to feel into scenes situations and expressions from characters but also enough to get invol
  12. First of all, Hello and thanks for having me. 2) Introduction well... not much to write here. I am finishing up my bachelor degree on university, and also working. I've been around Anime games/VN's for at least 3 years I think. It was quite a journey so far. I am mostly a PC - Steam player, watching VN's growth from there was something to note especially once policy on nudity in games was changed. For better or worse. I am also sometimes reviewing h-games on ATC group. Other than that I have old YT channel with few AMV's. 3) Why am I here? Well just to bring some conversation ar
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