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  1. Himari Stage 4 (Completed) [Looks] "Where do you usually buy your clothes?" --> "Very cute. And it complements your personality too." "Seems like even guys are using makeup nowadays." --> "If it'll make you fall for me, let's do it." "Would you be down to do cosmetic surgery?" --> "Staying the way you're born is the way to go." "What's this 'loose & fluffy'?" --> "Different but could be nice." "Gothic lolita is pretty amazing." --> "I think you'd look good in it?" [Chatting 2] "If you could go on a trip to any country, which would it be?" --> "It'd be really cool to reenact movie scenes." "I see you being a healer or support class." --> "Leave the attacking to me!" [Committee] "Are there any manga?" --> "It'd get more students to use it though." "Do you see a lotta guys in the library?" --> "Going there to see you sounds nice." "I was thinking of getting a borrower's card." --> "Teach me everything." "The local library is huge." --> "Kinda sounds like an adventure quest for books."
  2. Rina (Completed) Stage 3: [Chatting] "Don't you agree that those plastic binder envelopes break too easily?" --> "If they weren't so cheap no one would buy them." "Keeping up with classes?" --> "If only all my textbooks had porn. My grades would skyrocket." "I have such a hard time keeping my eyes open when using eye drops." --> "I don't think drinkable eye drops would sell very well." [Do something] "Make a funny face" --> "Just training my facial muscles so I can strengthen my expressions." Stage 4: [Do Something 2] "Make a funny face." --> "My goal is to be forever young." "Look depressed." --> "I thought I was older than you?" "Act like an emo kid" --> "I pull off the emo look pretty good, eh?" "Make a casual face" --> "I'm never doing that again! Hmphity hmph!"
  3. Himari stage 3 (Completed) [Hobbies 2] "I read 'Love's Worst Enemy.'" --> "I really need the next update." "I'd like to try aromatherapy myself." --> "Maybe something that'd make me relax." "Recommend me a horror movie." --> "A chilling Japanese horror film." "What's your opinion on Japanese motion pictures?" --> "So it's like they all lack originality?" "Quite a lot of tragic romance stories out there, don't you think?" --> "Like, why do they make them that way?" "Sad endings or happy endings?" --> "Is that because happy endings are so common?" [Chatting] "You ever notice that we have a lot 'gals' around here? --> "Have you ever thought about trying and talking to one of them?" "How come there's no Men's Day at movie theaters?!" --> "I don't see why guys can't have one too." [Do Something] "Stare at her." --> "You got something on your face." "There's something on your cheek." [Supernatural] "Do you believe aliens exist?" --> "You know what, I think I agree." "Ancient civilizations are just marvelous." --> "Just imagining that's what makes it so marvelous, don't you agree?" "Let's talk about urban legends." --> "Yeah they change with the times." "Unidentified creatures get me excited. How about you?" --> "Do you think Tsuchinokos are cute?"
  4. Himari Stage 2 (Completed) [Private Life] "Is your mom doing alright?" --> "She mentioned having trouble getting her makeup to stay lately." "I'm the type that likes long baths." --> "Doesn't happen if you go with a half-body bath." "Boy wouldn't it be great to have a dog?" --> "A cute mini Dachshund would be nice." [Fitness] "Have you ever thought about joining one of the school's sports teams?" --> "True, they have those tournaments and stuff they go to." [Future] "Goals for this year?" --> "You've got a taste tester right here." "I hope I keep growing until graduation." --> "Tall enough to where your head reaches up to my chest." "Around what age are you planning on getting married?" --> "Good planning there. I like it." [Romance] "Will I ever find a girlfriend...?" --> "I'll be more positive about it from here on out." "Thoughts on passive guys when it comes to romance?" --> "Balance is definitely the key."
  5. Ah I see... thanks for clearing that up.
  6. This option in Rina's Stage 3 gives more affection and should be marked with EXTRA. I tested this vs "Do you go to bathhouses often?" with the following question being "Can being a hard worker get you a raise?" The former gave the response indicating more affection but the latter didn't.
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