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    For people who likes Miku, they must already heard one of Miku's original song that was made.

    This song was made by Lamaze-P, in 2008. This song is about Vegetable juice as you guys deduce on your own. In the song Miku talk about how good vegetable juice for your body and its really cheap(200yen). And this song makes children love veggie juice.
    Because of the popularity this song went to the hall of fame, not only that there are lots and lots of remixes both funny/stupid and genuine remixes. Also this song has been featured in all vocaloid games and live concert.

    Finally, this song is featured in the medley "Nanairo no Nico Nico Douga" .

    For the next post i will talk about some characters from Hetalia. So be sure to check my blog.
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