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  1. I realized that each time I go to my profile page, it adds to my profile view count as well XD

    1. Emi


      the hidden ways of getting most profile views is busted :rize:

  2. Friend: It took you one whole day just to read a manga...

    Me: I take in detail on the art -

    Friend: Then what’s the point of reading this comic?

    Me: First, you are calling manga a comic, there is a difference, as manga does not have an English synonym. And as I was going to say, I read the manga after I take my time to admire the art. Anyway, how long does it take for you to read one?

    Friend: About 30 minutes or so.

    Me: *walks away*

    (No one will ever understand me XD this same conversation happened to me at least once a week)

  3. After some good 45 minutes, I realized I can’t draw digitally :leecher:

    I guess practice to perfection takes time, lol

  4. Definitely need to run to the game store for this... 


  5. Currently going on a one week hiatus! :sachi: I’ll be back by 2nd of October!

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