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  1. Currently going on a one week hiatus! :sachi: I’ll be back by 2nd of October!

  2. Welcome!! It’s awesome to get to know new people here!
  3. I love you, Oliver! Your voice forever touches my heart and you will always be my no. 1 husbando and vocaloid! (YAS I also like him because he is so cute )
  4. It doesn’t matter if you first discovered them in visual novels, anime, or manga... Your hasbando/waifu is always a part of your heart! So now it’s the time to GIVE YOUR BAE A SHOUTOUT!!! Also, being able to give your reasons why you luv them is even better! Alright! Let’s do this!
  5. Then we realize there’s literally no way to get out of that rabbit hole.
  6. Definitely need to run to the game store for this... 


  7. After some good 45 minutes, I realized I can’t draw digitally :leecher:

    I guess practice to perfection takes time, lol

  8. Some new anime and manga (series/sequels) coming up soon I thought people would be interested to check out. Keep in mind that this is not in any sort of order, so... yeah. Here goes: 1. Yu-Gi-Oh! comes back on TV again! I bet our fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! fans have been excited since forever. I honestly can’t wait to watch the new series XD. 2. Re:Zero season 2 (If you haven’t yet, do watch the trailer. It’s pretty awesome for one thing.). The release date for the season is not known yet, but probably in 2020. 3. Kaguya-sama Love is War (manga) book 11 is coming out on November 5th this
  9. That must be pretty sad...likewise, similar instances like these happen to me too. XD
  10. I realized that each time I go to my profile page, it adds to my profile view count as well XD

    1. Emi


      the hidden ways of getting most profile views is busted :rize:

  11. Woah.. Didn’t they say anything in the “game” descriptions before you downloaded it?
  12. Everyone does weird things at least once in their life.... Has anyone tried watching several different episodes of an anime (or different anime) all at once for the sake of time? XD
  13. Confession: I spent a good $15 on a manga, just to realize that I already have it... same thing to the figurines. I keep forgetting whether I have them or not when I’m at the otaku stores XDDDD
  14. Friend: It took you one whole day just to read a manga...

    Me: I take in detail on the art -

    Friend: Then what’s the point of reading this comic?

    Me: First, you are calling manga a comic, there is a difference, as manga does not have an English synonym. And as I was going to say, I read the manga after I take my time to admire the art. Anyway, how long does it take for you to read one?

    Friend: About 30 minutes or so.

    Me: *walks away*

    (No one will ever understand me XD this same conversation happened to me at least once a week)

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