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  1. Sorry but i think 80% of it is overrated slice of life crap: play with cats , collect caterpillars, catch a cat , help serve food , participate in a song contest , help prepare lunch, play baseball , play kick the can, go on a date , repair a bench , move a table , clean the table , ... i can go on for hours and hours .... That material is for 12-14 years old , except a few rare wtf moments , which could be easily adapted .... then its a beautiful novel for kids ... i don't contest that .... but for adults ... now way , you have to be low IQ to enjoy this drivel
  2. Short and sweet . Definitely above the high school / slice of life bullshit infesting most of the VN released in the west A solid 8/10 from me
  3. I literally answered your first question. I wont respond to you since I am not sure if you are a troll or low IQ . Either way I will keep saying VN are not for you sir since you are lacking basic comprehension skills :(.
  4. Is this your text question quoted ? " I was wondering today, during my daily complain about how I hate VNs time, why do people read VNs? What do VNs offer that other entertainment mediums do not? "
  5. I already answered your question . What VN offer other media dont ... Reading comprehension much ? Probably VN are not for you sir ... just an advice
  6. I second that . Please less slice of life and High School themed VN .... Demonbane and Saya No Uta were amazing !
  7. Little Busters and Ayakashibito Dissapointed in Little Busters Overrated
  8. Because they dont treat me like a LOW IQ idiot , they are not Politically Correct and the writers really do a good job fleshing out the characters
  9. I think MG is already gone under and they will close shop soon . I am glad i spent 300 euro when i heard about payment processor and got all my wanted games from them . RIP Manga Gamer
  10. I solved this 0. run at least one time the batch as admin 1. open the batch file with notepad++ 2. copy the japanese text between /[japanese text]/ 3. open regedit and navigate to the folder 4. rename the folder in the registry with the corrupted characters with the copied text fron notepad++ 5. use Local emulator application and right click the exe and select run in japanese
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