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  2. You have gained a follower.... praise the almighty liah
  3. Not sure what your guess was for an answer, but yes I'm starting from scratch. As I've received word from one of the original patch authors that it partial wasn't polished and contained translation errors, and due to how many years its been since the release, the affected areas are unclear.
  4. You may doubt me... However, it won't stop me from realizing something I've yearned for. And hell, I'm not the type to back down from a challenge even if things don't go according to plan, e.g taking longer than planned. I do appreciate your words of advice, but just you wait...
  5. Presents Fortune Arterial: Western Approach Project (English Translation Revival Project) Welcome To the Fortune Arterial: Western Approach Project To begin, Fortune Arterial is a Visual Novel developed by August Soft (Commonly referred as August) and released back in January 2008. Even getting its own anime as a plus. Moving forward, the anime is but a bunch of hogwash and leaves on to question themselves at the end. As such, most found themselves jumping onto the Visual Novel to get a deeper understanding and make the decisions themselves as the protagonist; However, the Vi
  6. Most visual novels, well with what I'm familiar with... you have to use a hexadecimal editor. (The Hard Way)
  7. A little late to the show... But allow me to state, I'd gladly take over the project although, it will take some time to translate and since college is in session it'll take even longer. Nonetheless, I'm happy to say I was able to break the game down to its basic components in terms of cracking those pesky .arc files to edit the scripts. However, translating Japanese is beyond my skills, and we all know google translate is garbage... as such, I'm in need a of a translator to jumpstart the project. Add me on discord or reply here
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