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  1. I don't remember if there was publicity or something you can paid in game. There was a limitacion for the things you could do in one day and then you have to wait to enter again, maybe one could pay for that, i don't remember. I actually couldn't played it for a long time. I think there was 5? bachelors, i unlock two of them (well one, the other one appears starting the game n.n'). I played the game for android but it was very glitchy and only have the first character. I know there is a spanish version. But is a kind of "recreation" you can say. They are making the game with the music and the pictures in the game and programing everything again. And translating the voices to spanish too.
  2. I loved that game, it was fun, simple and adictive qx Its not only that you can play an otome game and choose who you like and have dates with them; but the fact that you decide the course of their career and the clothes they are wearing. It seems fun to me the plot and the diferent scenes you could unlock (also the teachers in each class were unique) every time you start the game and through the days. Have anyone played it? Sadly the English page was closed suddenly and never come back
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    Hi! I'm new to this forum n.n I didn't knew there was a forum of fuwanovel (i've know the site for years now qx) Well, my english is not perfect i must say, but at least is decent ^^' I love visual novels, especially the ones with choices. My favorites are Amesia,Tokimeki memorials girl side and Second Reproduction (maybe even more qx). Well its a pleasure, and i was hoping for a place where i can talk about anime and VN (sadly the active forums are less a lees u.u) Yoroshiku
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