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  1. Obviously we have been discussing the possibility for Noratoto2. I personally want it to get done, but since it has 9 character routes, it's an even bigger challenge to tackle than the first game. For now all of the focus is on the first title. If we commit to working on the followup too, we will announce it here.
  2. ... 3 hours later.... The current patch is intended to be used for the current Steam version of Noratoto. Please support HARUKAZE! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1010600/The_Princess_the_Stray_Cat_and_Matters_of_the_Heart/ Google Drive: https://bit.ly/3aVH6oc GDrive Mirror: https://bit.ly/3gifJWt Mirror MEGA: https://bit.ly/3l9ysXP Usage: Unzip the archive and copy the two folders and the files inside the folder you've installed Noratoto. This is how your installation folder should look like: https://imgur.com/Ahe2YEf To uninstall the patch, just delete said files/folders or move them out to an outside folder. The saves created at the original content should works while any save taken at the new content will be broken. What is included now: -20 Hscenes previously cut were integrated to the story, along with smaller text sections before and after them. These are all untranslated for the time being, however the original japanese text is still available if you select the appropiate language setting." -CGs and character sprites are restored to their original forms. No white light rays and fog anymore! -The new CGs appear in the ILLUSTRATIONS menu as you encounter them in game. -A brand new MEMORIES tab containing the Hscenes you've unlocked. What is planned for future patches: -Patricia Hscene scripts will get translated first, resulting in the second partial patch. -The rest of the routes will come later, one character at a time. -Restoring cut lines from the original, non-H script. Example: https://imgur.com/a/DjxsTmB What is not planned to get fixed: -The backlog is broken for Hscenes and for the part of the script that was originally cut. It will start working again as the player returns to a part of the original script, including the jump functionality. -It's recommended to set English as the main language and Japanese as the sub language. If only English is set as the main language, then a few untranslated choices will have no captions. -Remember to save occasionally, the game is poorly optimized and tends to be unstable. -If you find a reproducible bug, you can post it here in this topic. Please attach a savefile so we can take a look at it.
  3. The 20 Hscenes are all there, playable from the Memories menu. During regular gameplay, 17 of them appear in a character route while the other three isn't integrated at the moment.
  4. We are most certainly alive, I'll give a short update: the translator is still busy in the hospital since the second wave of Corona is very much active. Regarding uncensoring, hscene insertion and removing of light rays: the current implementation is fully playable from start to finish. 17/20 Hscenes are currently inserted and we are investigating for the remaining three. These scenes are obviously untranslated now, however the original japanese text is still available. Our hacker, Marcus is also creating a fourth category in the Extra menu for the Hscenes themselves. We have encountered bugs with this feature and are working on it. One very important thing for last: the patch supports the current up-to-date version on STEAM.
  5. Also the international version has some new non-H event CGs along with dual language support(which i highly value). Coupled with the Hscenes being present, character sprites uncensored (for example bathroom scenes), script being revised I think we are creating the best version here. Technical work is largely done with Marcus and the translation is progressing. This is not gonna be a vaporware.
  6. I think a separate topic would be logical for the restoration project, just so people know it's in progress and the thread is not just for discussing the existing release.
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