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  1. Really nice drawings, they look professional, do you create these in photoshop? I myself like to draw in a bit simpler app: Sketchable, its easy to use but has a limited amount of functions. I used Photoshop back in the day but I got totally overwhelmed with the functions and more importantly the UI which is so small and terrible to use (IMO).
  2. Thanks! Really cool that you keep people updated on VN translations, its a shame if someone is waiting so long for an english version and it will never actually be released :/. Keep gong strong!
  3. Ah ok haha. I checked your blog and i like the way you write - especially as you have a lot of pictures and honest comments if i want to know if something is good I definitely use your blog as a reference. However, I am not into EVN personally (but I will check if you have a review on a specific EVN I checked out haha (dont know its name anymore: It was about a dude who lives together with a slime monster, sho to him looked like a cute girl but as he iteracted with it his own vision of the world changed -> all his friends became slime monsters etc leaving him enhanced by this ali
  4. Haha thanks, ''talents'' I wouldn't say many interests and dedication, yes ;D! I see that you have a blog, really nice! and you won: Plk_Lesiak last won the day on July 28 Plk_Lesiak had the most liked content! Curious what that's all about! This site has a lot of cool topics and discussion. FYI: I uploaded my project in the original VN project section
  5. Hi all, So I made some YouTube content, a ‘’visual light novel’’ however I noticed nobody is doing this (as far as my research goes, or at least in English - correct me if I am wrong). Shadows on the Azure – [action fantasy adventure genre] Two siblings from royal blood who adventure into an ancient land where a civilization has been eradicated after they served their gods – Leviathans - for an unknown period. Anyways I was wondering if people like it, just be as harsh as you possibly can I try to improve the content by adding more pictures of the characters, bett
  6. Watching A forest Piano, Baby steps and Kakegurui
  7. Hi guys, New to this forum, My real name is Jeff and ofcourse like all of you Ilike visual novels ;D However I also like: Video games (RPGS - all the classics), Drawing, Writing, movies/series anime etc and Tennis Anyways I also like to make content on Youtube, but I will post this in another section as I could use some feedback to improve. Curious what projects everyone is working on!
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