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  1. Well shoot. Guess I’ll just have to virtual mount it; it’s a pain in the butt to constantly have a disk inserted into a laptop. Bleh
  2. Whenever I try to play Raillore no Ryaduarsusha (レイルロアの略奪者), I keep getting a message saying I need to insert the game before it will let me play. Usually for games this will be a one time thing to confirm purchase. However, it keeps asking me to insert the disk even after the first time. I don’t want to keep inserting the disk into my laptop every time I want to play, is there any way to circumvent this.
  3. Little busters comes to mind as something with similar comedy, enjoyable cast, and tone to Majikoi. Although I do find Majikoi funnier, little busters has more dramatic elements. Fureraba has a lot of zanny high jinks. There isn’t any supernatural magic or anything, but it is incredibly funny with a really likeable cast (Genki is one of the best comic reliefs ever) Senren Banka is a pretty funny and interesting story about expelling a curse. Btw, I recommend Reina’s (blond big chest) route as the first you do, then go on to the others. The cast is pretty endearing and it has some in
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