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  1. Help Making patch for your diary

    Yeah I tried that but still read from R18 patch, Thank you for at least giving a suggestion.
  2. Help Making patch for your diary

    Well I finished 1500 lines the first day and then repacked it into the r18 patch at least in my opinion it reads real well, but again I asked a question and only got opinions. I need help so i don't have to reup the already mead r18 patch, I would like to make it smaller, cause why would the patch need the opening or the Chinese scripts. I'm just doing this to experiment when I'm done with common route I'll share so you can judge it then. right now I've only finished prologue, I mean there's like 30,000 lines in all of the scripts. Any line I have trouble with I compare to the chinese script.
  3. I have started to try and smooth out the translation of your diary+ I am not retranslating I have finished extracting and have corrected the first script going fairly smoothly now, but i cannot seem to make a patch to add, I've only been able to overwrite the existing r18 patch, I'm wanting to only include the english scripts, so i can make the patch smaller, I've been stuck on it, any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm using krkrextract and xp3repacker.