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  1. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    The images above confuse me a little. Are these people looking to translate the rest of the game? In that case, I shall be stepping down. There is no reason for several translations of the same thing. I wanted to pick this up as a hobby project since no one else seemed interested, including the original developers. But if someone else has started translating, there is no need for my help I suppose. I am sure someone with more knowledge of the game will be able to produce a better translation.
  2. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Oh good. I prefer past tense over present myself. Would you mind sending me a message with the names of the characters once you have seen them all? I have a busy week ahead of me, so I probably will not start the translation until this weekend.
  3. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    For starters, a bit of information on the translation style used in the English version would help. - What tense is used? - What romanization is used for each one of the characters' names? - Are there honorifics in the translation? I would not want to mix in different romanizations and tenses. I'm sure that would be confusing. As for honorifics, I am not a fan of them. But if the current translation uses them, I suppose I will have to adapt to that. I was thinking of releasing the translation in batches, perhaps one route at a time. If you want to help edit the translation, I could send you the first route whenever it is finished.
  4. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    The number of lines is no problem. The time it will take to do said lines is what might disappoint people. I estimate it taking at least 4 months. I plan on translating after work a few times a week. This is merely a hobby projet. I have never actually played Noratoto, but got interested in helping out after seeing the discussions about the cut content here on Fuwanovel. I will probably buy the original game so I can have it running in the background while I translate. Translating Japanese without context can be a nightmare. That will not be necessary. Using a machine translation as a base would just hinder my progress, if anything. I am sure there are some people who would be satisfied with machine translated h-scenes though. Maybe you could make a machine translation patch for people who do not want to wait for my translation. It will take a while before I finish. Thank you very much for the spreadsheet.
  5. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Google "Sagaoz net" and the Japanese title and you should find one. I would love to translate the missing content for this title. @Infernoplex @marcus-beta Would either of you be capable of extracting the missing text so it could be placed in a spreadsheet?