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  1. The images above confuse me a little. Are these people looking to translate the rest of the game? In that case, I shall be stepping down. There is no reason for several translations of the same thing. I wanted to pick this up as a hobby project since no one else seemed interested, including the original developers. But if someone else has started translating, there is no need for my help I suppose. I am sure someone with more knowledge of the game will be able to produce a better translation.
  2. Oh good. I prefer past tense over present myself. Would you mind sending me a message with the names of the characters once you have seen them all? I have a busy week ahead of me, so I probably will not start the translation until this weekend.
  3. For starters, a bit of information on the translation style used in the English version would help. - What tense is used? - What romanization is used for each one of the characters' names? - Are there honorifics in the translation? I would not want to mix in different romanizations and tenses. I'm sure that would be confusing. As for honorifics, I am not a fan of them. But if the current translation uses them, I suppose I will have to adapt to that. I was thinking of releasing the translation in batches, perhaps one route at a time. If you want to help edit the translation, I could send you the first route whenever it is finished.
  4. The number of lines is no problem. The time it will take to do said lines is what might disappoint people. I estimate it taking at least 4 months. I plan on translating after work a few times a week. This is merely a hobby projet. I have never actually played Noratoto, but got interested in helping out after seeing the discussions about the cut content here on Fuwanovel. I will probably buy the original game so I can have it running in the background while I translate. Translating Japanese without context can be a nightmare. That will not be necessary. Using a machine translation as a base would just hinder my progress, if anything. I am sure there are some people who would be satisfied with machine translated h-scenes though. Maybe you could make a machine translation patch for people who do not want to wait for my translation. It will take a while before I finish. Thank you very much for the spreadsheet.
  5. Google "Sagaoz net" and the Japanese title and you should find one. I would love to translate the missing content for this title. @Infernoplex @marcus-beta Would either of you be capable of extracting the missing text so it could be placed in a spreadsheet?
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