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  1. It's quite an old looking hentai. So this girl has super powers and she is about to transform, but a guy stops her and rips her clothes off. The guy (who is wearing a gas mask or some sort of mask) then fucks her and puts his finger in her ass. I think he shags her over a table. It's also not censored like a lot of hentai are. I don't have a picture or anything so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. So there's a young kid in a car and the girl next to him takes off her top so he begins sucking on her. Then the girl In the front does the same so he jumps on her and starts sucking her too. The girl in the back is masturbating so he gets on her and starts sucking and licking her privates. He gropes all the girls tits. There's 4 girls in the car. If this sounds familiar to anyone please tell me the name. The boy has green and yellow hair.