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  1. Please Help Looking for Social Groups

    @Plk_Lesiak and SkraalQ Thank you both. I guess it's either discord or phone apps now. Kind of sad, but not bad or anything. I just miss social communities cause in a way, but times change. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I am new to fuwanovel, but I've been reading visual novels for a while now. Besides that, I like anime, video games and reading. Currently, I suffer from severe depression and social anxiety, so its always been hard for me to make friends or talk with others. But I'd let to get to know people, even if it's just online friends. Thing is though, I can seem to find any anime social groups anymore like zerochan. These places, for example, aloud users to have a blog like page and even add a background. However all of them seem to be gone not only for anime, but things like video games as well. Same with forums, forums seem to be dying and it's be hard to find others to chat with. I wanted to know, how are people finding friends online nowadays? Is it through discord groups or apps or something? It's quite depressing that I can even find friends online...