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    Dear Sir or Madam, we are «The week of discoveries» developers. We would like to suggest you to get acquainted with the demo version of our game, presented in two versions for PC and mobile for Android. We would be very glad if you shared your opinion about our game. Thank in advance. First official description of the fairytale trilogy “Life under the cover”. … They lived happily ever after. So how truly was it? Everyone loves fairytales. It’s so nice to read a book knowing in advance how it’s going to end. Ivan the Fool will defeat a villain and marry a beautiful princess. Usually the story ends on this point. A storyteller is not interested in what is going to happen with its heroes next. But the most interesting part starts much later. How do Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Koschei the Deadless live in about 10-15 years later, or even 100-150 years? All of them are story characters and stories never end if they are still read by someone. Maybe everything that was written by the great writers as Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm was a little bit different in real than it was in books. How fairytale characters live and what they do in that wonderful fairytale universe. That is what tells us a new cycle of games under the general name “Life under the cover”, which is created by a small group of enthusiasts from “A+C” Team. This is the first project of the team. The “first attempt of writing” as they say. The team is planning to create a trilogy about the fairytale universe. The game is created as the visual novel. The genre of the first part “The week of discoveries” is a fairytale detective fiction. The main character of the story is a normal guy from the 21st century, who accidentally got into the fairytale world. He has to play the role of a detective as if he is some kind of fairytale Sherlock Holmes. The game offers the original storyline. The storyline completely depends on the choices a gamer makes throughout the game. A gamer can get 20 different endings, some of which are open only if a gamer reads the dialogues attentively and fulfills certain conditions. Plus, it has two secret endings. The walkthrough one storyline will take 2 or 3 hours. In addition to an interesting and exciting detective story, the game offers beautiful graphics. The game contents more than 70 backgrounds, 80 CG scenes, and 30 acting characters. As the main character is a grown man, the storyline will contain several romantic lines. The game is made for adult audience (there will be two versions of the game: 14+ and 18+). Now, the game’s scenario is completed. The work on the software part is completed as well. The work on art and music is in a full swing. At the beginning of April 2019, the pre-version testing is possible on PCs and Android-smartphones. https://vk.com/tales2019 “A+C” Team. Demo: https://yadi.sk/d/CtvDmPziplSChQ — Android https://yadi.sk/d/5XbJOmZUIUPjPw — PC