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  1. apparently that solved the problem, thanks.
  2. I got krkrextract to work properly, it was issues of locale, apparently checking the little box when changing it messes up everything... so much for "worldwide" language support if it can't even run Japanese. however the other problem still persists, the outpath folder is able to be seen by krkrextract just fine and i can go through the directories and everything...but once i try to find it or even move it around from the window in krkrextract it says the folder is no longer available. Screenshots: I have "Show hidden items" checked as well.
  3. No .bin files are present, but thank you for letting me know about the files being distributed randomly sometimes. if this is what it should look like, then it wasn't extracted perfectly it seems. there are no subfolders listed anywhere in the extracted archives. I'm on japanese locale with the language support yet I still have to use Locale emulator to run the game. this is why i have problems with krkrextract if that should be what I need to use. (I got it to work by dropping the exe for FLML in there and then setting it up for use with Torimari. this is what mine had ended up looking like to give context: EDIT: so got krkrextract to work again with the same method i used, and i found the folder with the files correctly organized, somehow it shows when looking for an xp3 but doesn't show in the game folder.
  4. First off, I'm new to this forum, but i can't seem to solve my problems so I'm desperately making an account to try and solve all this. i apologize if i posted in the wrong forum. I'm attempting to translate "Torikago no Marriage" also known as Birdcage Marriage or 鳥籠のマリアージュ. The game was developed by Kalmia8. is listed to use the KiriKiri2 engine. VNDB page: https://vndb.org/v13849 First off: I am translating the .png images i have extracted from the game's data.xp3 with a nekopara bms script (http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers/bms/others/nekopara.bms), krkrextract is an absolute nightmare to work with and this script worked just fine. all the images extract as png. no fancy files to work with. but when repacking (i have tried this with krkrextract, it worked that one time, as well as the old xp3-tools) i thought xp3-tools didn't work due to how old it was, so i tried krkrextract and...? hooray! the same error. something about startup.tjs not being found. and who would have known...? there isn't a startup.tjs in data.xp3, neither is it anywhere else. Second off: People say that all the text is stored in scenario.xp3 with all the ks files... well guess what? this game doesn't even have a scenario.xp3! not even a single one of the files in any xp3 for the game has a damn ks file. and this is the same case for "Kami-sama nante yondenai!" which is also a game by Kalmia8, however, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, a game which was actually localized, did have all the files i'm missing. good to note that the games still ran with scripts so they are somewhere Third off: I heard that the missing tjs file error can be solved by removing the checks for the files, which could ultimately solve my problem regarding the missing non-existent file. but it involves editing a ks file. guess who doesn't have the ks file? other things to note, when the .xp3.sig files for the xp3 files are removed from the folder (as well as the tpm, which i heard was part of the protection), the game still runs. nothing stopped the game from running until i removed the original data.xp3 which didn't prompt an error for startup.tjs, only my modified data.xp3 prompted the error to show. I tried listing as much information as I can about the problem. I really hope someone can come over to this post and bless me with some help. this is driving me insane.