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    GXOALMD reacted to littleshogun in The Math God completes Ultimate Patch Series for Grisaia's Main-line Games   
    To each of their own I suppose when it come to Grisaia, although it seems that the common opinion is that the first game (Kajitsu) is the best while the second (Meikyuu) and third game (Rakuen) itself are not as good as Kajitsu. By the way for both of Meikyuu and Rakuen I'd always treat it as fandiscs for Kajitsu, although if one want to look at it objectively it still can be classified as sequels even though there's no basis for the sequels in Kajitsu VN (Which Frontwing seems to realize when they made the anime version of it).
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    GXOALMD reacted to ThePenSword in Siren's Call: a psychological horror/denpa game about leaving home. [Free] [Denpa] [Coming of age]   
    Siren's Call: A free Denpa visual novel where you escape from an actual tourist trap.
    Siren's Call is a Denpa visual novel loosely based off of my experiences living in (and escaping) Central Florida as an adult on the autism spectrum. The game was a passion project made by myself, my wife, my best friend, and a couple other close friends and freelancers. It took us roughly four years to complete and is now out on Steam for free. While your millage may vary on how scary you find the game (much of it is based off of my own personal fears), I can say with conviction that you will feel the love and effort put into this project.
    Steam Download: here
    Features and stuff:
    7+ hours of Visual Novel Gameplay with dire consequences for how you choose to spend this final day of yours. 55 journal entries and and 60 unlockable gallery images for those who want to explore everything this town has to offer. An original story centered on saying goodbye to friends rather than saying hello to strangers. A dynamic, original soundtrack meant to perfectly capture the feel of central Florida music. A cast of lovely characters that only want what's best for you. A 94% positivity rating on steam with 150+ reviews! (not a feature, but I'm proud of this one} Characters:
    Judith, the exceptionally sweet (and extraordinarily intense) sovereign of Siren’s Call!

    Andi, the sovereign’s sassy twin sister whose strength and spunk speak volumes on their own!

     Ashton, a hero in training whose sizable fist is matched only by the size of his heart!

    Emil, the once timid boy turned man who will not stop until he reaches absolute perfection...

    and, of course, Violet: your actual girlfriend.

    We've finished the main game which you can find on steam right here, but my team and I are also making extra story content as well! 

    Prove You Aren't Dead: A Epilogue
    While it is true that our team succeeded where many others have failed and got Siren's Call out in a playable state, it is far from being "complete." Over the course of the past five months, I've released a few bonus stories acting as a prequel of sorts to the events of the main game. But in terms of the true epilogue...that is what I'm going to be working on for the foreseeable future. If you would like to support this project, there's a link to the kickstarter right here, but I mostly just wanted to create this post as a little home where I can post updates on not just this new content, but Siren's Call as a whole.

    If anybody has any comments or feedback on the project, I am very excited to hear them and discuss your experiences. This VN has been my wife and I's life for the past few years and if ya'll have any thoughts, don't hesitate to share them. Until then, enjoy your stay in Siren's Call.
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    GXOALMD reacted to HataVNI in Full retranslation of Melty Blood: Type Lumina by Petrikow & Team   
    Got memed, this is already older, but who cares. It wasn't posted here before :v
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    GXOALMD got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in Gnosia: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Amogus   
    I picked Gnosia up a few months ago since it sounded interesting but never actually started it, thinking it was probably more interesting in concept than in execution.  Given these reviews, I think I'll have to dig through my Switch library and give it a try.  😄
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    GXOALMD reacted to NoSanity in Looking for horror or action VNs that get good within the first hour or so.   
    Just been released recently, Corpse Factory. Released in English dubbing only but with some very good voice acting, the hook hits you pretty fast and it has lots of twists and turns. Warning for some heavy psychological themes including distressing and disturbing topics, and overall quite a morbid and disturbing story. I absolutely loved it, and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys psychological horror.
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    GXOALMD reacted to BeardACG in Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女)/Bakery Girl ~ Withered Story   
    EDIT: No offense to OP, but I would prefer if people used my own link for downloading the game. I can't vouch for how up to date or secure other links might be.

    Hello, hello, made an account just for this lol. To clarify I'm the guy that made the patch.
    Always glad to see people spread the word about this work. Extremely niche, yet likely one of the most important VNs of all time.
    Without Bakehouse chances are the larger Chinese Gacha industry wouldn't exist in the first place, so even if it's niche, the ripples left by its impact are honestly immeasurable and still felt in the industry today.
    I could go off for days about this, but to spare this forum of my random presence, here's an article I wrote summarizing the history of MICA Team, the developers of this VN.
    After the patch I also grabbed an artist and started working on a Ren'Py remaster that also reimagines the three other stories surrounding Girl of the Bakehouse that never actually released. Development's really slow right now, because both of us are lacking resources, but you can find all the details here.
    If y'all have any questions feel free to let me know!
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    GXOALMD reacted to onorub in "Literary culture vs anime culture" at the core of "translation vs localization" discussion?   
    Just a thought that ocurred to me, but the whole "translation vs localization" discussion made me recall one thing: whenever a book has lots of foreign expressions, the publisher just deals with it by slapping a glossary at the last pages, in a way that anyone going the extra mile by actually localizing the dialogue looks foolish. With anime and JRPGs however, there is a certain fear of the dialogue not flowing well with the voices or to the faster spectator reading, so the dialogue is actually localized.
    Without getting in whether translations or localizations are the correct direction, my thought is that maybe the very idea of localization in visual novels is ingrained in publishing companies due to JRPGs/anime and translators are treating VNs as anime or games rather than books, perhaps without even realizing it. Does that make sense?
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    GXOALMD reacted to mitchhamilton in Mahoyo PS4 and Switch Ports Announced . . . WITH AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION!!!   
    ... for people who dont know, what does this mean?
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    GXOALMD got a reaction from Ryuk211 in Recommend me a VN with a revenge-fueled story.   
    If you haven't read the Devil on G String yet, then I've got a pretty good suggestion for you.
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    GXOALMD got a reaction from Rahman N in Island VN Ending Questions (Spoiler Alert)   
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    GXOALMD got a reaction from Rahman N in Island VN Ending Questions (Spoiler Alert)   
    If I worded any of that poorly or you have other questions, let me know.  I read the novel a second time a few months back, so it's still pretty fresh in my mind.
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    GXOALMD reacted to littleshogun in Looking for horror or action VNs that get good within the first hour or so.   
    Yeah there's a lot of place where you can find translated Sayooshi if you search enough, and I can't give you the link here. As for Sumaga translation, well we may see it in the near future although my interest here was already change to Tokyo Necro when it come to Nitroplus VN though (Being that it's quite recent is also help here).
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    GXOALMD reacted to littleshogun in Looking for horror or action VNs that get good within the first hour or so.   
    You can read Sayooshi even if you can't understand Japan, because there's an English patch that translate the whole VN. Said patch has some controversy because apparently it was badly translated, although if you already want to play it perhaps you may test the patch to see if you'll find the translation is sufficient or not. That said if you still need some other recommendations, perhaps you can try the title such as Kikokugai, Corpse Party, and Muramasa. I hope that my recommendations here can be helpful to you.
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    GXOALMD reacted to Zalor in Looking for horror or action VNs that get good within the first hour or so.   
    Sayonara wo Oshiete if you don't mind an untranslated title. It's probably the representative Denpa horror VN. Also, I second Swan Song.
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    GXOALMD reacted to Clephas in Looking for horror or action VNs that get good within the first hour or so.   
    Tokyo Babel for action (Dies Irae and Fate both only get action-y relatively late)
    Even though this isn't translated: End Sleep for horror
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    GXOALMD reacted to Silvz in Looking for horror or action VNs that get good within the first hour or so.   
    Hmm the ones I'd recommend you have already played/started playing and, I might add, given bad scores lol
    You could try Swan Song - it's not horror, but instead a very depressing post-tragedy story.
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    GXOALMD reacted to Dergonu in Can Anybody Clear my mind about Grisaia Fruit VN and Anime?   
    It covers the overall story of the VNs, yes. There is no continuation after. (I won’t count phantom bullet or whatever as canon, fight me.) Kajitsu is extremely different in places, though, especially the endings. (The anime ending to Kajitsu is anime original and not a part of the VN.) So I’d recommend reading Kajitsu. The other two are pretty well adapted. (And in my opinion those two VNs aren’t that interesting anyways.) 
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    GXOALMD reacted to Shaun in What's happening with the Newton and the Apple Tree license?   
    Sadly while FAKKU does have a page for it, it is not available for purchase at all so there is probably no place to buy it now.
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    GXOALMD reacted to littleshogun in What's happening with the Newton and the Apple Tree license?   
    Well Newton VN wasn't picked up by any company, and as for the news in regard of Sol Press there's one. Namely that they've been avoiding paid the tax so that the company has been suspended to do the business (The Reddit page for more information). As for the remaining licenses, there's a rumor that it'll be sold to pay off the creditors although obviously it's still unknown whether the rumor is true or not. That said though, there's Fakku store if one want to buy Newton VN.
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    GXOALMD reacted to Mr Poltroon in What's happening with the Newton and the Apple Tree license?   
    Oof. I've been relatively out of the loop, so while I knew Sol Press wasn't really functioning I didn't even realise their licenses to sell the things they translated may be at stake.
    In fact, this just serves to remind me of the Nukitashi limbo and go
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    GXOALMD reacted to Dreamysyu in What's happening with the Newton and the Apple Tree license?   
    I don't think so. Not yet, at least.
    I'm not sure how American laws work, but I wonder if it's even possible to pick it up from them without completely retranslating everything? It definitely would be possible if they went bankrupt, but they decided not to pay taxes instead, and right now they aren't allowed to any type of business, as far as I know.
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    GXOALMD got a reaction from Finhir in How much do you play VN a day/a week?   
    Y'all read vns?  I just save them to my folder then alter my binary file to access the data directly.
    That said, if I (hypothetically of course) were to read vns, I would say that my time spent with entertainment media is split based on my relative interest level in the current things I am consuming.  I'd say I spend on average twenty hours per week consuming entertainment media and on average about 40% of that is spent on reading vns, so about eight hours per week.
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    GXOALMD got a reaction from Zalor in Your Visual Novel, Manga, Anime, Game of the Decade   
    VN of the decade's gotta be the one I simultaneously never shut up about and also never say anything about, Subahibi.  I don't read manga so I'll abstain from that category.  I also only recently got into anime, so I'll abstain from that category as well.  Game of the decade's gotta be Just Shapes and Beats!
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    GXOALMD reacted to ArgentstR in Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]   
    Poking Kiriya on the NekoNyan discord server might be the quickest way?
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