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    N_G reacted to droganpc in List of Visual Novels/Games with Harem Ending   
    -  All visual Novels/games in this list have a complete English version (official release/fan translation, some have terrible English btw)
    F         Foxgirl, catgirl, doggirl, ...                            
    L         Loli                                                        
    HB      Huge Breast 
    T         Tentaporn, Slimeporn          
    NS      No Sexual Content
    S         Single Ending
    N         Nukige
    R         Rape
    I          Incest
    D         Other Dark Sexual Content
    3S       Partial Harem
    X         Full Harem                
    Game        This game has an actual harem ending
    Game        This game doesn't have an actual harem ending
    Game        Unknown ending (potential game). I'll try to play these games first if I have time. These are some random games I found in Internet, don't blame me if they don't have harem ending.
    Adrift                                                                    vndb                     NS X Aristocunts                                                          vndb                     HB S N R D X Amorous Professor Cherry                                vndb guide          N 3S X                     Analogue: A Hate Story                                      vndb guide          NS X            Angel, Devil, Elf and Me!                                     vndb                     S N X Army Gals                                                            vndb guide           X            Ayakashibito                                                       vndb guide           R 3S Battle Girls                                                           vndb guide           X                                      Beach Bounce                                                     vndb guide           3S            Beach Vacation                                                   vndb                     I X Beauty Bounce                                                    vndb guide           3S X                               Bionic Heart                                                         vndb guide           NS X      Breeding Village                                                 vndb                      HB S N X Cara the Bloodlord                                             vndb                     T N R D X    Cat Girl Alliance                                                   vndb guide             F L N R X Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe                                        vndb                       F S N X Chichi Miko!!                                                        vndb guide          L HB N I X    Commander Babes                                             vndb                      S N X     Come See Me Tonight                                       vndb guide            L N I X Come See Me Tonight 2                                    vndb guide            L N I X Cosplay Fetish Academy                                    vndb guide            N I X Customer Cums First!                                       vndb                      HB S N X Deviant Dungeon                                               vndb                      HB S N R D X Divine Slice of Life                                              vndb guide            3S X      Doki Doki Youth Soutsu                                    vndb Drinks With Abbey                                             vndb Drusilla Dreams                                                   vndb Dumb                                                                   vndb Everlasting Summer                                           vndb guide           X        Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia                                   vndb                      X        Elf Breeding Farm                                              vndb                    HB S N R D X Endless Jade Sea -Midori no Umi-                    vndb guide            L 3S  Euphoria                                                             vndb guide           L R I D X Fate/Stay Night                                                 vndb guide             R 3S    Fake Novel: Girls Simulator                               vndb Funbag Fantasy                                                  vndb guide            HB T X                         Funbag Fantasy 2                                               vndb guide            HB 3S X                     Funbag Fantasy : Sideboob Story                    vndb guide            HB 3S X                        Funbag Fantasy : Sideboob Story 2                 vndb                       HB X        Gibo                                                                     vndb guide            I N R D 3S    Hara Chuchu!! ~Kameba Ano Ko mo H na Tenshi~   vndb guide  L N I X Hara Kano!! ~Ano Ko To Lovelove Harabote Seikatsu~ vndb guide L N I X     Hara Miko Shimai                                               vndb guide              N X     Harem Game                                                      vndb Harem Party                                                      vndb                       L S N I D X  Hazard: Magical Girdle                                       vndb Hikari! Clover Rescue                                         vndb                      S N X Hot & Steamy Knights                                       vndb                     HB S N R D X        How to Raise a Wolf Girl                                    vndb                       F S X                            If My Heart Had Wings                                      vndb guide            L 3S          Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama!                              vndb                       N I X I'm Gonna Nurse You!                                      vndb guide             N X I'm Gonna Nurse You! 2                                   vndb guide             N X      Idols Galore!                                                      vndb guide            N R X Immoral Study Scenario 3: Asakura Manami vndb Imouto Paradise! (1 & 2 & 3)                          vndb vndb vndb guide guide guide     L N I X Insexual Awakening                                         vndb                       HB N I X Ishika & Honori                                                 vndb guide            L F NS X Jewel Knights                                                    vndb guide             L N R X    Karakara (1 & 2)                                                vndb vndb              F S X        Kagetsu Tooya                                                  vndb guide            L 3S     Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort                          vndb guide             3S             Lamunation                                                       vndb                       L I 3S X Lancaster Boarding House                              vndb Let's Meow Meow!                                           vndb guide              F N X Libra of The Vampire Princess                         vndb guide             F 3S X    Little My Maid                                                    vndb guide             LOVE³ -Love Cube-                                          vndb                       HB S X     Lust of the Apartment Wives                          vndb                       HB N D X     Maitetsu                                                             vndb                       L S X               Maman Kyoushitsu ~Mirai no H na Obenkyou~  vndb Master of the Harem Guild                              vndb                       HB N R D X Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou                   vndb Morning Lust                                                    vndb                       HB N I X Mother Daughter Pleasure Pet                       vndb                       HB N I R D X My Girlfriend's Amnesia                                   vndb                         N R D X My Girlfriend is the President (Fan Disc)        vndb                        S X      My Girlfriend Gets Aroused Watching Me Have Sex With Another Girl   vndb guide    N 3S X My Legacy                                                         vndb                       R I D X My sex slave is a classmate                              vndb guide            N R D 3S X  My Sister, My Roommate                                vndb NekoMiko                                                          vndb guide              F X                               Nekonin Exheart  (1 & 2 & 3)                         vndb vndb vndb      F S X                        Nekopara (1 & 2 & 3)                                       vndb vndb vndb      F L S X  Nyan Café Macchiato ~Sexy Times at the Cat Café~  vndb  Nympho Monster Domination                        vndb                       HB N R D X   Nympho Waifu++                                            vndb Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery    vndb guide                3S       OctoberWEEN Special 2017                           vndb                       L N X Onii♥️Kiss: Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss?        vndb                        L I X Oppai Cafe. My mother, my sister and Me    vndb                        S I X Otaku's Fantasy                                              vndb                        HB S N X Pick Me, Honey!                                               vndb guide               N X        Paradise Heights                                             vndb                          N X        Prison Battleship 3                                          vndb guide              N R D X  Santa Girls                                                        vndb guide                X                                           Sakura Agent                                                    vndb                         T S X                                     Sakura Angels                                                  vndb guide               NS X                                      Sakura Beach (1 & 2)                               vndb vndb guide guide       NS X                                   Sakura Santa                                                    vndb guide                NS X                                    Sakura Shrine Girls                                          vndb guide              F NS X                                    Sakura Swim Club                                            vndb                           S X                                      Sakura Nova                                                     vndb guide                 T X         Sansha Mendan ~Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen~   vndb guide       N R I D 3S X Sandwiched by my wife and her sister         vndb guide                 N X School Days                                                     vndb guide              L R I D 3S     Secret Wives's Club                                         vndb guide               N D X Sexy Demon Transformation                         vndb                        T N R D 3S SSSS: Super Secret Sexy Spy                        vndb Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo             vndb guide                  X          Shera, My Witch                                               vndb guide               N R X      Shiny Days                                                        vndb guide             L R I 3S X  Shion - Cruel Magical Angel                            vndb guide             HB T N R D X Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina -     vndb Slave Pageant                                                   vndb guide              N R D X Snow Daze: The Music of Winter                   vndb guide                N I X Steamy Sextet                                                 vndb                         F S N R X Suck my dick or die!                                        vndb guide               N R D X Summer Fling                                                   vndb guide                   X         Summer Sisters ~Midsummer Secret with Childhood Friends~   vndb  S N X Sweet Home - My Sexy Roommates              vndb Tenkiame                                                           vndb                       F L S X                                    The Angel Inn                                                   vndb                              X                                      The Eden of Grisaia                                         vndb                              X                The Interview: You Know What You've Got to Do to Get the Job   vndb  The Sagara Family                                           vndb guide             L N R D 3S X  Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era! ~Second Science Club–A Secret Society of Love, Rage, and Sorrow~  vndb  L N R D X To Heart 2                                                         vndb guide                  3S                                      To Love-Ru: Trial Trouble                               vndb Touma Kojirou's Detective File -Murder at the Opera House-    vndb        Triangle                                                            vndb Tsuki                                                                 vndb Tsukihime                                                         vndb guide              Twists of My Life                                              vndb Wabisabi                                                           vndb                         F L S X        We Love Master!                                              vndb guide             L N I X        Wild Romance                                                  vndb                         F L S N X Zeliria Sanctuary                                             vndb guide                  F X       
    Apostle                                     steam      HB X        Become tentacle, destroy the town and humiliate girls!  vndb  L T S N R D X        Blacksouls                                dlsite       L R X                                     Blacksouls 2                             dlsite       L R X            Boob Wars: Big Boobs vs Flat Chests vndb   N R X            Bunny Black                              vndb     L T S R X                              Bunny Black 2                           vndb     L T S R X                          Cornelica, Town of Succubi     dlsite       R X                                                Criminal Girls: Invite Only        steam       NS X                            Cum on! Bukkake Ranch!         vndb      L T R X                              Custom Order Maid                   vndb        D X                                Daibanchu: Big Bang Age        vndb       L T R D 3S              Demonic Nation Florehades     dlsite        F L S R X                                                                                   Disaster Dragon x Girls from Different Worlds  steam                           Double Elf Fantasy                    vndb          S X                                Duel Savior Justice                    vndb        T X                    Dungeon of Lulu Farea            steam      F L S R X                                                  Eiyuu Senki                      vndb steam        F L S T X       Evenicle                                      vndb       L S R D X                                                            Frontier of Sister Indulgence   dlsite       L S X              I'll break into the office of DLsite's distribution system, and have my way with all their mascot characters!!!    vndb     S N R D X Island Saga                             steam         HB T X                           Legend of Mercy              vndb steam     NS S X                                Littlewitch Romanesque    vndb home    F L X                 Goddess Complex (I - V)         itch          NS S X                    Gran Ende II                             dlsite       L S X                    Harem Island                             patreon     Harem Mate                               vndb          Harem Trigger                           dlsite Harem Villa                                patreon Hentai Girl Division                   steam        F HB S X                   Hero and Daughter+             steam        F L NS S X              Holy Road                                 steam        R D X        Hypno-training My Mother and Sister  vndb  Just Deserts                      vndb steam        NS X                               Kamidori Alchemy Meister       vndb       F L T 3S                         Kami no Rhapsody                    vndb         F 3S                                                    Koihime Musou                         vndb         L 3S X        Leane of Legitimate Crown     dlsite Love Esquire                      vndb steam        X          Love Rebellion                          itch           S I X    Marunomi                                 vndb Monster Girl Club Bifrost        steam        F X        MY]R                                         dlsite My Territory – Was Witches Island   dlsite             Ouroboros                                 itch          T S X          Parascientific Escape               vndb                                                                                                                                                Pervert Action Legacy             blog Princess Waltz                          vndb           L X          Purino Party                             steam         L S X    School of Lust                          vndb Selenophobia                            steam     L S I X                                              Seed of the Dead                      steam Sengoku NEET                          steam Sengoku Rance                         vndb        T R D X                                               Sextastic Tales of the Sacred Sword Hero   dlsite Sister Travel                            steam         L X                          Star Girls                                vndb steam      F NS X        Straight Through the Maze      dlsite Summer Memories                     vndb Tale of Wuxia                            steam          NS 3S                                    Tears to Tiara                             vndb          L S X            The Bunker 69                           steam                   The Legend of Arcadieu            vndb The Little Brave                          dlsite The Spirit Master of Retarnia   vndb        T R D  X                                             Tyrant Quest                              itch Venus Blood FRONTIER International          vndb   F T R D  3S X      Venus Blood -Chimera-            vndb         F T R D  X  Ultimate☆Boob Wars!! ~Big Breasts vs Flat Chests~      vndb    F L N R X   Utawarerumono                       vndb          F S X                               Village of Adventurers 2         vndb            X                                    Waifu Academy                       patreon Words Worth                           vndb             
    Adventure High                  itch Aftermath                           f95zone Aurelia                                 itch Bad Memories                     itch Champion                            itch                                                         Corrupted Kingdom           patreon Grolokk                                patreon            Harem                                  patreon    Harem Collector                  itch Haremon                              itch                                                        Harem Hotel                        itch                                                         Hero's Harem Guild            itch        House Chores                     itch            HS Tutor                              blog                         Innocent Witches               itch                                                                         Knightly Passions               itch      Knockout Master                itch Love & Sex: Second Base  itch              Lucky Paradox                    itch My new Family                    itch Mythic Manor                      itch Price for Freedom: Avarice itch Prince of Suburbia              itch Princess & Conquest          itch Quest Failed                        itch Ravager                               itch Renryuu: Ascension           itch Sisterly Lust                        itch Strive for Power                 itch Succubus Affection            steam Tales of Unity                      itch  The DeLuca Family             itch The Headmaster                 itch The Last Sovereign            itch                                                         Threads of Destiny             itch        Town of Passion                 itch     V.I.R.T.U.E.S.                      itch              Wish: Israfil Saga               steam      Zombie's Retreat                itch                                                
    Updating ... 
    Games from King Key, Siluman Soft
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    N_G reacted to r0xm2n in Craving some new VNs   
    Nekopara isn't over the top super sexy for you?! 
    Anyways, here are some of my suggestions....
    * Fureraba . About as warm and fuzzy and slice of life as it gets. And really funny.
    * Making Lovers . From the same devs that made Fureraba, it just released not even 2 days ago.
    * Sankaku Ren'ai: Love Triangle Trouble . This VN is hilarious!! It loves making jokes out of all the eroge and anime tropes out there.
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    N_G reacted to MIUUZICK in Slice of Life VN romances with a not self-insert-like protagonist   
    Clannad, well-written protagonist, who is not dense and has actual issues of his own
    Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, nothing too special but the protagonist has his own dream
    Fureraba, I remember this one being a dumbass but I actually found it absolutely hilarious, it was too much so I kind of thought it was to mock actual self-insert protagonists but I may be reading too much into it

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    N_G reacted to rimvydasm in Need help getting into visual novels   
     Hoshi Ori  is all about romance,no NTR, rape, uglybastard etc ,i think you should give it a try,i really like it and recommend it.
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    N_G reacted to alpalin in Tsunderes or Kuuderes Recommendations   
    Hatsukoi 1/1 has Maya(coodere) and overall good one.
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    N_G reacted to littleshogun in Dealing with unsatisfactory ending (craving!)   
    Perhaps I can suggest Hoshiori if you look into marriage ending here. Other than that, I guess I can recommend some other Smee VNs such as Makeover and Pure x Connect if you can read Japanese (For the info Smee is Fureraba's developer). I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
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    N_G reacted to thedenkmem in a good VN with characters that has big tits   
    I've already played Funbag Fantasy and Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story, i thought they were really good what made them even better was the big tits. So I would appreciate if someone could recommend me a vn with characters that has big tits and also is in english.
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    N_G reacted to SkraalQ in Nicely done harem   
    Non TL'd is OK, thanks! That looks amazing, will give it a try 
    Yeah, I'm looking more for what you describe in karakara, some sort of love triangle/quadrangle/Xangle lol, will look at it.
    Absolutelly agree, that's why I need help  maybe there is some hidden gem!
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    N_G reacted to Mr Poltroon in Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.   
    Nukige with Romance - For this, I will be considering romantic routes to count, even if there's other content.
    I can also add a couple of RPGMaker games with what is probably romance:
    Also, here's two I forgot to add to the previous list:
    The Confines of the Crown
    Sisterly Bliss - Yuri game with both dark and happy routes for each side of the relationship.
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    N_G reacted to Mr Poltroon in Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.   
    I will literally spew forth a list of Visual Novels with a romantic element. I will assume the shorter ones that are more like a nukige are not within your sphere of interest. Most of these will not be to your tastes due to sheer statistic probability. Beware.
    VN/Game mix:
    If you want me to list the more romantic nukige (that means, sex primarily for love, and nothing really going into extremes), just ask.
    The comedy was hilarious (to me) and the girls are pretty unique. I just don't get the thing that's going on in the background... It's so weird.
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    N_G reacted to littleshogun in Great Romances like Fureraba and ...   
    I'm gonna say that I admit that the art here is not the best one, in that I even repelled by that as well. At least before I decided to try it and it's not that bad (Big breast aside). In any case, perhaps you can try some VN like Hinatabokko (Just try it by yourself). Or perhaps you can use VNR/learn Japanese to play Loverable, Makeover (Making Lovers), and Pure x Connect there. Whichever your choice, good luck on that.
    PS - Almost forget that I seconded Hoshiori as well here.
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    N_G reacted to adamstan in Your Views on "Love Blooming in the common route and the True Heroines"   
    I'd like just to chime in about Princess Evangile. While it's true that some heroines have a backstory involving the MC, and it may seem that the common route pushes us towards Rise and/or Chiho, I think there isn't "main heroine" in this VN - all routes are ~equal. (And I liked them all, to the extent of rereading PE recently )
    As for the topic itself - it doesn't bother me. I havent read the VN where I'd dislike one heroine so much that it would spoil the game for me yet - I even liked Chisato from KoiChoco, who would also fit this topic
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    N_G reacted to nihilloligasan in Your Views on "Love Blooming in the common route and the True Heroines"   
    The presence of a "true heroine" always seemed odd to me. Isn't the point of a game with multiple heroines to let the player have preferences and make their own choices? Doesn't it make the other options less valid? If so, what's the point of including them in the first place? Why not make the entire game about the so-called "true heroine"?
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    N_G reacted to Stormwolf in Your Views on "Love Blooming in the common route and the True Heroines"   
    Yeah i agree, it's plenty weird. It can say whatever it want about not having a true heroine, but when when the game focuses on one heroine so much more than the others then you're going to sit with a feeling of her being the intended girl all along.
    But this in itself is not the worst thing in the world. But when they do it, they better be damn sure the heroine which the vn focuses on is the best one of the lot. Quite a lot fail at this. KoiChoco is one such offender, as Adamstan mentioned. Chisato is one unlikable cunt. If the main heroine is unlikable then that to me is like a normal ending being better than the true ending, which obviously renders the vn absolute garbage. Naturally i can enjoy the other routes, but the vn as a whole will leave a bad taste when i'm done.
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    N_G got a reaction from Corrupted in A VN That Gives Me A Hug   
    Fureraba for the over dose of lovey dovey feelings.
    Katawa Shoujo for you'll fall in love with them together with the mc. A handful of the characters will definitely stay with you for a long time and you'll learn something for life!
    Don't know if you have read em or not. Hope these helps!
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    N_G got a reaction from Corrupted in A VN That Gives Me A Hug   
    Fureraba for the over dose of lovey dovey feelings.
    Katawa Shoujo for you'll fall in love with them together with the mc. A handful of the characters will definitely stay with you for a long time and you'll learn something for life!
    Don't know if you have read em or not. Hope these helps!
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    N_G reacted to adamstan in Great Romances like Fureraba and ...   
    It has, but is treated more in a comedic way, not as a source of drama. It's just two heroines "competing" for protagonists' affection - so no "true" love triangle I guess. And there's absolutely no NTR in any form. After all, it's "just" a RomCom (and that's good for me )
    As for two protags - it's just kind like two chapters, or two VNs in one, that share the characters. First you play as Tooru, and here you have Sakura's and Nanako's routes. After completing those two you unlock second chapter, where you play as Naoki, and heroines are Akira and Kurumi. Completing this unlocks epilogues/after-stories for all four heroines.
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    N_G reacted to Ramaladni in Great Romances like Fureraba and ...   
    [ttps://vndb.org/v14265 - Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai is a pure love story focused on following the different stages of your relationship with your heroine of choice.
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    N_G reacted to bakauchuujin in Great Romances like Fureraba and ...   
    What about Princess Evangile, think it should fit pretty well with what you are looking for.
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    N_G reacted to kokoro in Great Romances like Fureraba and ...   
    Maybe wait for Making*Lovers? It's a solid game from the same writer.
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    N_G reacted to alpacaman in Cliches in VN's You Wish Would Just Die!   
    The trope I came to hate the most is the forgotten childhood friend. For some reason she kept being in love with the protagonist for ten years after one of them moved away but doesn't even mention they met before until it makes for an emotional scene in the third act.
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    N_G reacted to AustriaVNFan in Cliches in VN's You Wish Would Just Die!   
    1) The 'forced' h scenes. And I don't mean scenes where girls are forced to have sex but ones that feel forced and are obiously only there so that the fappers don't lose interest. They are always so story-breaking. The scenes often happen out of nowhere and after it no one mentions it again.
    2) Childhood friends: for some reason I don't like childhood friends routes. Probably because the MC is often so incredibly dumb about not realizing the feelings OR because the childhood friend girls are always so nosey and annoying.
    3) When extremely obvious questions are not asked! Example (Muv-Luv Extra):
    4) All girls falling in love with a loser MC for no reason.
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    N_G got a reaction from kokoro in Great Romances like Fureraba and ...   
    This is my first post here! I freaking loved the romantic aspect of Fureraba.
    I want a good Visual Novel with the following traits
    Romance, 18+ with a nice plot. No main heroine is preferred (something like Fureraba) as the "bias"  in the common route can be irritating (like in the Shepard VN). Highschool or above with a mature caste. So, 18+ looking cast is preferred. No haremish common route (like Chrono Clock), romance must feel natural from both sides. No rape or ntr or high amount of drama, yuri or yaoi. I've played
    Katawa Shoujo(9/10) Fureraba(9.5/10) Yoake mae....(8/10) Hoshimemo(8.5/10)(hated the childhood friend) Have played partly Evenicle, Grisaia, IMMHW (will play these once I'm interested to read em back) I'm fine with a nukige like Kyonyuu Fantasy(no rape, ntr, mindbreak).
    Would love to get some awesome recommendation from you guys. The above request can be diluted except that the first and the last which are very essential.