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  1. What are you playing?

    VN wise I'm reading a few Steins;Gate I'm on chapter 6. Finally at the point when shit hits the fan. The World Is Ended on chapter 1 or 2. I like the art since the artist is the artist of Grimgar. Also my main man Sugita is one of the characters. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulation: Just started it Layton VS. Phoenix Wright. Its okay. Sunrider series. Academy I need to finish. Mask of Arcadius is pretty fun. Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition. Still doing the After route. Higurashi Chapter 1. Gotta say I wasn't expecting it to have a lot of funny or happy moments. Glad I transfer to the VN. Corpse Party Book of Shadows and Blood Drive Fate/ Stay Night. I think thats all of them. I'm slow as hell when it comes to reading and always end up picking up another game or series, so I end up putting the one I already started on the back burner to the point I remember them and forget wth happened in it.
  2. cant get baku ane 2 VN to work

    I might be REAL late on this but lets see... I was having some trouble trying to install the game. So I kinda did the same thing another guy did. 1. Mount the ISO 2. Extract the files from the ISO 2.5 Put the files somewhere 3. Goto where it is then click DATA 4. Make a shortcut of Start 5. Do exactly everything I needed to do so I can play Baku Ane 1 Idk if it'll work or if you found the solution but if you haven't this could work.