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  1. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    Yeah I guess this project is dead. School is back for me so I don't have any more free time. Won't be coming back to this forum as well since I literally just created this account to help with this project but seeing that I don't have any free time and am not willing to commit or promise anything, Good bye. Well good luck with your "fever" AlphonseClauze. just joking btw not hating on ya but yeah good luck on everyone's future endeavors.
  2. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    Thank you for the latest work I redid it and I feel I did an adequate job just feel free to have a break I have too much free time on my hands hahaha If anyone wants to check how I did here's the link
  3. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    @NanoniAre you gonna help in translating or are you gonna help in improving the English? edit: just editing 'cause about to sleep, if you are gonna help in translating, the link I provided above should suffice. But, if you're to improve the English, well that's gonna be awkward since I'm improving the English as well but eh maybe you'll do a better job than me.
  4. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    The problem you have there is the way you typed the punctuations it won't accept an ordinary "." or "," you'll have to either use "&." or "&," which lets the game know that you're trying to put an ordinary dot or comma or you can also use special characters that look like a period or comma. That's what I've observed.
  5. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    Hiya! Saw this post and was intrigued to the point that I made an account to reply. I went ahead and improved the english on your translations and even translated a little extra but I don't think I translated the extras well since I don't have any understanding of japanese and used google translate haha, so I'll depend on your translations and improve the english. take a look txt files: Script txt files Edit: forgot to mention that I included surferdude's translations