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  1. There was never an official estimate of when Kosuna would finish the patch. Any date you see beyond what is on the OP is just rumor.
  2. So, Grisaia no Kajitsu anime comes out this coming season. Here's hoping they dont fuck it up like they did with Majikoi's
  3. I finished two routes. They both felt fairly similar, but there were definitely differences. VNDB says its a "late branching plot" which I would probably agree with more, on second thought. I relatively enjoyed the first route I did, but not the other ones after. That's just my opinion.
  4. I played about half of Kira*Kira. I didn't like it much. Maybe because of the setting, as I didn't enjoy Deardrops much either. It's also extremely linear, with hardly any differences between routes. In that sense it suffered the same fate that Sharin No Kuni did for me. I couldn't get myself to go through all the routes. If you don't mind linear VNs, then I'd say it's worth a read.
  5. Well, you always talk about how dull characters are, and how stories are full of holes. I was just wondering what one you considered good was. Not trying to attack you here or anything, just curious.
  6. Jun, what's an anime/manga/ln that you consider good, from a literary standpoint?
  7. I would say I'm definitely part of a minority on that.
  8. I also side with Jun on the issue of lolicon.
  9. That's the type of argument I was looking for. And honestly, I'll agree with most of your points. I thought the same things as I was watching it. So yes, I can agree why you could say it was poorly written (because it was.) But I still enjoy it. You've thoroughly proved your point. And yes, I also admit that I began deflecting the debate. That was my bad for getting too caught up into it. Wow, a civil debate on the internet. Surprising.
  10. As with any form of literature, or in this case, its animated counterpart, you can only objectify them so much. While I'll agree with the points you made for determining quality, individuals interpretations of these points may differ. And besides, if people enjoy it, I don't see how it affects you personally that the quality isn't top-notch. If you don't want to watch it, then don't. None of us here who enjoy it are trying to force any of you who don't enjoy it to do so, whilst you guys are trying to purposefully ruin our enjoyment of something just because you do not personally enjoy it.
  11. And other shows aren't like that? That's the case for nearly all anime. Those are also side characters. They don't have much depth because the story isn't about them. And by the same definition of "rallying behind something doesn't make it good," the opposite is true as well. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad. Your misogynistic argument doesn't hold water unless you apply it to most anime, in which case, to you, those would all be bad. And anyways, the new heroine in season two is pretty badass and doesn't really seem to be the weak "damsel in distress" that the others were. Give some other reasons for WHY you think the show is bad. As of now you're just begging the question. It's bad because it's bad.
  12. I think that saying something is badly made just because you don't enjoy it isn't necessarily a fair thing to do. Everyone has different definitions of what makes something "good." If everyone agreed on what made something good, then we would only have that, which would get boring fairly quickly. I personally am not a huge fan of shounen, but with it's large amount of fans it has to be doing something right. I'm all for insulting the pretentious fanfags, but I think calling an entire demographics opinion of something "wrong" based on how you view it is, honestly, quite arrogant.
  13. Tokyo Ghoul is definitely a must watch for this season so far, for me at least. Akame Ga Kill looked interesting, but from what I hear it's just mindless violence. From last season though, Sidonia No Kishi was interesting, but No Game No Life definitely took one of my spots for favorite anime.
  14. Well, you can try and piss me off, but its really just a mild irritant. Normally I would try to defend my position, but I honestly don't really care if someone else doesn't like it. What do you guys think of the other new stuff this season?
  15. While I'll agree some of the characters were a bit too stale, I quite enjoyed both the plot and the romance. Well, nobody's forcing anyone to watch anything anyways.
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