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  1. Seriously just as confusing. I just tried to use this and it's not able to hook anything, every time I click off of the game it automatically pauses and changes screen so I don't know if that's stopping my attempt at manually trying to get it to hook but that wasn't working either. The only thing simple about this is the fact that I've got stuck with it quicker. Can someone please tell me how to fix my original issue?
  2. Hey there, I'm rather new to all of this, infact I only downloaded VNR today and after a while of looking through guides, Googling various phrases trying to find answers I managed to get it working but it's... only translating the Japanese into Russian, and I have no idea how to change this. I've gone through the dictionaries and deleted the Russian one and it's still doing Russian. I've gone into every settings, preferences and options window I can find and nothing's set to Russian... I'm very confused and I feel like I've ticked and unticked every box I've found to no use already. Last I checked, this isn't English, please help, thank you.