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  1. cross days error

    please use imgurl, don't use trash image host thanks
  2. Gracias, ya está listo el parche en español para el prologo... Puedes comprar el eroge descargarlo de internet para probarlo.
  3. After 9 years, i can translate finnaly this undervalued jewel. The anime was pretty bad imo 5/10 but the visual novel it's fun and have an interesting plot. My score is 8.5/10. First of all i'm translating it to spanish, the reason it's because spanish is my native language. If you wanna help with the translation into japanese/english or spanish/english. It will be apreciated. follow the updates here https://discord.gg/hvmRMRj PREVIEW PATCH RELEASED English vvv Clickhere3download Spanish vvv ClickHere5download
  4. Ricotta Princess Lover translation project

    A moderator can close this topic? Resolved
  5. Discipline: Record of a Crusade English to Spanish

    Te ayudo con la traducción dime que tengo que hacer, por otro lado: si has trabajado con qlie engine, me gustaria que me dijeras como puedo repackear los archivos extraidos y editados.