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  1. Data extraction thread

    This thing is mostly done now, everything at https://github.com/pmrowla/pylivemaker works and there's some actual documentation now. It's still more of a proof-of-concept thing than an actual tool someone could use to make a full translation patch, but I probably won't get around to making it particularly user friendly until/unless someone actually wants to make a full patch for something. If you are interested in RE I wrote up a short post about it here: https://pmrowla.com/blog/reverse-engineering-livemaker/
  2. Data extraction thread

    I've been working on a tool for extracting and patching LiveMaker/LiveNovel games and figured I should post it here. It started out as a fork of tinfoil's irl which I guess was kickstarted and then abandoned a while back? Current status is: LiveMaker assets can be extracted from .exe or .dat files LiveMaker's binary .lsb format for their "chart" scripting can be dumped as text or xml LiveNovel scripts can be extracted from LiveMaker's binary .lsb format (Translated) LiveNovel scripts can be compiled and inserted back into a .lsb file Modified .lsb's can be patched back into a livemaker game and run with (cp932 encoded) english text, but currently the application will lock up when you try to exit. My current code is here: https://github.com/pmrowla/pylivemaker/tree/wip (you have to use the wip branch link since I'm not pushing anything into master until I figure out the crash on exit thing) The code itself is mostly fully commented but I haven't published any of the actual docs yet, so there's a github issue w/a summary of what works right now and what doesn't: https://github.com/pmrowla/pylivemaker/issues/1 Honestly idk if there's even any livemaker games worth patching but I was bored and felt like reversing something so I picked an obscure engine that afaik hasn't been dug into very much before. I think GARbro supports viewing .gal CG's from LiveMaker archives, but that doesn't cover the text extraction and patching side of things.