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    Azero reacted to kurosakijin in Hibiki Works [All x Cation] Pretty x Cation [Heroine TL on Progress]   

    Spring has come to Tokyo once again, except this year you’re now living alone after your parents had to leave due to work. You’re renting a room at an apartment run by your aunt, who bluntly asks you, “Could it be that you’re not interested in girls…?” Well, of course, you are! It’s just that you haven’t had much luck finding someone. “Your youth is now. Go and find your love or you will regret it later.” With just that little push, you feel a little confident that it’s your time to fall in love. Yes, your love will begin to bloom now…

    While the old-style dating sim concept is still the same, this new title is produced by a different staff.
    Source: VNDB
    Project Staff
     Translator: Me
    Image Editor: Me
    Quality Checker: Me
    Programmer: Still Me
    UI /Image Translation: Fully Edited
    ( https://imgur.com/a/r59kqKA , https://imgur.com/a/Aq5vzrP)
    Total Scenario Text: Fully Extracted
    Scenario Text on Edit: 41/331
    Prologue: Complete
    Common Route: Complete
    Common Heroine Routes: Complete
    Nozomi Route: Raw
    Sakura Route: Raw
    Leche Route: Raw
    Komachi Route : Raw
    Date Scene: Raw
    H-Scene: Raw
    Append Scene: Raw
    Lines: Prologue, Common Route, (Creating All-Ages Version)
    Walk Scenario, Line Message, All Heroine Route, Confession Scene, Dating Scene, Append Patch (Text Extracted on Edit)
    Q. Recruitment?
    A. I haven't attempted to recruit one, just support me on PayPal for motivation.
    or ko-fi
    or send me a Bitcoin
    Q. Are you a CG Artist?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Can you Uncensor the H-scenes?
    For any concerns just message me
    Discord: A4 Gaming#3027
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jinokurosaki
    Note: For more concerns about the Project just comment, if someone takes over it, then I will close this thread.
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    Azero reacted to edwd2 in Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai Discussion   
    Alright, finished 3 routes now. The downsides are also pretty clear at this point. The most glaring fault is having too many H-scenes. While it is realistic for couples to have sex frequently but sex isn't the only way to portray love. They should really save some CGs for the more warmhearting, less direct, romantic scenes. Like most VNs out there, it also has a general lack of content and side characters. Each passing day does not really come alive, it feels more like several lines of diaologue. So to summarize it, this is still your typical purelove novel, still has its many flaws, but one step in the right direction.
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    Azero reacted to Wildbreed in Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai || a good librarian like a good shepherd   
    Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai || a good librarian like a good shepherd || 大図書館の羊飼い
    This  walkthrough is based on the Fan Translation of Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai by Library Shepherd and leaked by their editor linktriforce007 on Reddit. It was originally released in Japan by August in 2013
    This VN has 5 main heroines and 3 sub heroines. An Anime Series was also adopted and broadcasted in 2014.
    When he was young, Kyoutarou wanted to read all the magic books in the world, but they were all in the magic library. Someone told him that to get there, he must be kind to everyone and bring happiness to their hearts. He received a bookmark, which was his entrance ticket to the magic library.

    One day while heading to school, he received a text from the shepherd (hitsujikai) telling him that his fate was going to change. He had a vision of an accident at the tram station and helped prevent any injuries by calling away a nearby girl. That girl, Tsugumi, later came to the Library Club room, which he was a member of, to thank him and also to ask for his help to make Shiomi Academy more fun. It seemed that she had also received a text from the shepherd, who is rumoured to appear before people who try their best to grant their wishes. One by one, other students also join their group with the shepherd's guidance.

    *Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order*
    This VN has 5 main heroines and 3 sub heroines... The routes of 4 heroines ( Shirasaki Tsumugi, Sakuraba Tamamo, Misono Senri & Suzuki Kana ) can be played in Any Order.  Kodachi Nagi (True Route) can only be accessed after you've completed at-least one of the above 4 routes). However I would recommend playing Kodachi Nagi last. (True Route choices have a special bookmark indicator)
    Each Route has an Appendix scenario which gets unlocked after finishing the respective routes..These scenarios come in the form of an extra H scene..so don't miss out on those..
    The Main Menu background can be changed after clearing each route..simply click on the logo to do so..There is a new image for every route cleared.
    The other 4 heroines also have True endings that are Branched off from Nagi Route. Consider doing them Last after Nagi Route
    Save / Load points have been added for convenience purposes. However, should you find yourself stuck in any situation, it is recommended to complete said route from beginning to end without using any checkpoints. The savepoints follow the order in which the routes appear below.

    *Route Guideline *
    There are 5 Main Heroines and 3 Sub heroines and can be completed in any order. Kodachi Nagi(True Route) requires you to complete at-least one of the other 4 heroines before you can start her route. The other 4 main heroines and the 3 sub heroines can be played in any order..   True Endings for other 4 heroines are unlocked after finishing Kodachi Nagi Route. It is advisable to follow the ending guidelines stated above. Lets Begin
    *** Main Heroines ***
    Shirasaki Tsumugi     
    Sakuraba Tamamo

    Misono Senri

    Suzuki Kana
    *** Sub-Heroines ***

    Mochizuki Maho
    Serizawa Miyu

    Ureshino Sayumi
    *True Endings*
    Kodachi Nagi
    Shirasaki Tsumugi

    Misono Senri

    Sakuraba Tamamo
    Suzuki Kana
    This Walkthrough was referenced from Seiya Saiga as well as my own playthrough of the VN.
    Thanks to Shaun and other Fuwanovel members for feedback that was then implemented where possible.
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