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  1. Hey, it's been a while. Now that our hacker and translator are back in action, we should be able to continue the project. And in fact, I bring good news:

    Proud to announce that we're releasing another partial, with Yuuki's Hscenes!



    Also a progress update on the others:

    Michi: 100% translated, 25% edited.

    Shachi: Starting up.

    Patricia - 1 Scene translated and edited. On hold.

    (linecount pending)

    If everything goes well, next patch should come in a month or so, and the one after that before the end of the year.

    Extra stuff: so, a few post back I said we'll be releasing a version with honorifics. I decided to put that on pause while we deal with how to restore the missing/censored lines from the non-H script. I hope it's not much trouble.

  2. Well, since Marko is MIA, it's up to me to do the updates. And get back on the project I guess. Anyway...

    As you might have noticed, someone uploaded a restoration patch for the Vita version of the game. Initially we were planning on cooperating with him to port said patch to the PC version. However it came to light that this patch used machine translation, thus we will not use it on this project. It was too good to be true, I guess.

    Regarding the project itself: Yuuki's H-scenes are 100% translated and edited, and the patch was supposed to drop this month. However, we found a bug present in all H-scenes, and the hacker is too busy with IRL stuff to fix it, so we decided to shift it to next month.

    MANY thanks to NTRanon who translated Yuuki's H-scenes, he's a saint and we don't deserve him.

  3. Almost two years later, but here you go.

    Using v1 for repacking works just fine, but it has a filename limit of 16 characters. This means that when you try to repack the scripts, any file with a name longer than 16 chars will get it's name cut i.e. "himari_love_encount" (inside data01810.arc) will be renamed to "himari_love_enco". And of course, since the game is only looking for the first file, it won't load it if it isn't there.

    However, there's a way to bypass this: by renaming any file whose name is longer than 16 characters to something shorter and replacing the engine calls for the old filename to the new one.

    I tested this by renaming "himari_love_encount" to "himari_love_enc".
    Now, the engine files that call for this file are "himari_sel_lv1", "himari_sel_lv2", "himari_sel_lv3", and "himari_sel_lv4", inside data01210.arc. They can be opened like any script file.
    I replaced every instance of "HIMARI_LOVE_ENCOUNT" with "HIMARI_LOVE_ENC" and then repacked it.
    Now it loads the script properly and doesn't display a black screen.
    (too lazy too add images, will do it later)

    You have to do this for ANY file that has a filename of over 16 characters. It's a bit tedious, but it works.

    Protip: Use GARbro to unpack the files. It's the only tool you'll ever need to unpack stuff (most of the time).
    Protip 2: Use SacanaWrapper to extract the scripts. It's a tool made by the same guy who made EthornellEditor that uses all of his tools as plug-ins.

    And for the love of god, don't contact game/loc companies asking for ways to fan translate their games. It's a nice way of getting a Cease and Desist.


  4. 17 hours ago, Infernoplex said:

    I tried checking out various code repositories made by the developer of SystemNNN (link) but without any success. I don't understand Japanese, so I wasn't able to figure out what does what, and my knowledge of programming is fairly limited. There's a free version of SystemNNN IDE on the developer's site (link), but after countless hours of fiddling with it - I wasn't able to figure out anything. This is what Japanese devs used to make the game itself, but I had no luck deciphering how it works. There's a help somewhere, but reading in Japanese is hard. Maybe you'll have more luck than me figuring out things, seeing how you discovered a lot of things I yet didn't.


    You just found a freaking GOLD MINE.

    In particular, this repo here contains support tools for SystemNNN, which can reverse engine, repack and pack most the stuff the engine uses. There's a problem though: The guy didn't include a manual nor a list of the required dependencies to build these.

    Again, I'm not a programmer, but I still tried to compile the image packer. I gave up after trying for god knows how many hours and downloading a thousand files, but apparently it uses zlib, libpng and a few other obscure libraries of Visual Studio. Also you need to change the path of some files (D:\abc to  C:\xyz) for it to work.


  5. Disregard that, I'm dumb and didn't realize there were other stuff to do before inserting. Tested with another game (Dasaku) and they worked.

    Anyway, after fiddling with the tools and other engine files, I found you can make them work for pretty much any Cyc-soft game. You can make the engine do a ton of stuff too, I'm surprised.


    Here are my findings:


    Dasaku specific files (Only for Nuiawase version):

    To do:

    I'll format this better later, as I'm busy ATM.

  6. 14 hours ago, darksshades said:

    You can always rely on the wayback machine. That's what i've been doing to get the TLWiki tools so far.

    (link at end of the post)
    Here is the "Last updated dumper/reinserter Last working tools used before project got stalled (years ago, I know)":

    Unfortunately this does not have any source code to edit or fix possible bugs, only the executables.... Hope it works as is.

    PS: I've been waiting for the gore screaming show english patch for a really long time... Really hope now it can get finished. 

    Edit: It seems this only extracts images. The link for the tool that extracts the scripts is not on the wayback machine.... Bad luck.

    I've managed to find it on a chinese site \o\.

    I've tested it with Mugen Kairo(same nnn-system) and script insertion seems to be working.


    Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6brv4e4n2z6betr/Gss-dev.rar/file
    Please be sure to reupload it somewhere. Its on a trial mediafire link so it could be deleted sometime.

    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

    EXCELLENT WORK! Words can't describe how grateful I am.

    Thanks to all who tried to help too!

  7. 7 hours ago, Infernoplex said:

    I was talking about this project: https://anothervisualnovel.wordpress.com/2019/03/27/gore-screaming-show-what-happened/

    Still, it seems she's having trouble too. So yeah... xD You may be right. Many projects for GSS, yet they all die.

    Yep, I contacted her and she said the same thing that was on her blog; that the person with the tools is MIA.

    6 hours ago, tahu157 said:

    Ah shoot I didn't even see that one.


    On topic: I don't have the tools, but have you tried Garbro: https://github.com/morkt/GARbro ?

    Tried it before. Doesn't work.

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