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  1. Thanks for the guide (sorry for responding so late also lol) and quick question if you don't mind me asking; how long did it take for you to learn/be fluent in JP?
  2. Thank you! I'll definitely read most of them if not all of them.
  3. Unless there’s a way of me being able to read them without knowing Japanese, no lol, but I do intend on learning Japanese soon so I’m fine with you posting untranslated ones too!
  4. Thanks a lot! I will be attempting to learn Japanese soon, so I’m fine with the untranslated suggestions too! (Other than the Masadaverse ofc lol)
  5. I've read VNs such as Dies Irae, Tokyo Babel, Gahkthun, Cho Dengeki Stryker, Fate series, and even the Sekien No Ignanock series, I'm looking for a visual novel that's similar to these, though I'd also like it to be somewhat like Dies Irae power system (Machina being able to erase Concepts, Rusalka being able to paralyze you with her shadow, etc.) So basically an OP one lol.
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